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'Wet' sound when he doesn't have a cold... Lock Rss

Hi hun,

My eldest was similar and had I was told that it can actually be asthma but they don't like to diagnose it before 2 years so instead they say bronciolitis (this is very different to bronchitis) because they don't want to give a child an incorrect life long label. They say if it's still happening by 2 years it's usually asthma sometimes they will diagnose it from 18 months. My son's ended up being asthma and he now has a childs preventative and reliever for when it's causing trouble. I would ask for further investigations to be safe though, maybe ask for a refferal to ENT they can put a camera down to check for any fluid or silent reflux, just to be safe.
I would wait until the next episode if there's nothing else of concern. ENT = Ears Nose and Throat specialist.
or his 18 month check up if you go to the doctors for that.
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