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tips for after care of a tonsillectomy Lock Rss

First of all, it's just past 7pm here tongue

I have no idea about it, but wanted to say good luck!

Also, I saw this thing on tv the other night and it made me think of you. It was about a 4 yr old boy getting his tonsils and adenoids out because of sleep issues. Apparrently there was a huge difference on the first night after he got them out!

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

my sister's boys both had their tonsils out at a young age and I remember her saying yoghurt seemed to appeal, as well as the usual soft foods, jelly, ice cream, custard. I personally would go with the soft foods/drinks as it just seems more logical, not that I wish to go against your doctors advice, but just my thoughts. My sister also alternated between panadol and nurofen to help manage the pain. All the best for Thursday it would be a very anxious experience for sure.
My son had his out a few months ago... The advice given to us and what really worked well was keeping on top of pain with paracetamol/panadol or whatever is recommended by your surgeon. Even when you think they don't need it, keep up with the doses and it avoids them having the pain get right on top of them.

Go with soft foods and iceblocks... Remember they may feel like absolutely nothing to eat for a few days and that's fine as long as you can get fluids into them. My son had an iceblock at the hospital in recovery, then some ice cream.... Then some jelly.... Then a honey sandwich... Then a biscuit... Then another iceblock!!! Lol that was all before he left recovery and given to him by the staff! He was pretty good for a few days, just felt like soft things and small amounts (cold smoothies were great and plenty of iceblocks, lemonade and also homemade fruit ones) then it was about day 3 or 4, he had a really bad day before he started the up hill climb! I was really surprised how quickly he came right!

I was advised by my local health place to start him on this oral powder that makes up to a yummy juice called immunofactors (bioceuticals brand) after surgery. Supports the immune system and helps recovery etc (also used arnica dissolvable tabs) have found the powder to be great since when son has been unwell.

Build up the immune system a little before surgery too (just sneak some extra grated immunity strong foods into meals! Spinach, ginger, garlic, vit c rich stuff and any green veges etc!) I think that helped a bit too smile

All the best!!
DH's son had his tonsils out in February and he was just over 4 at the time. We went to see him in hospital a few hours after the operation and he was having ice lollies. A nurse came and asked him if he wanted something soft to eat (sorry can't remember what it was) and he was like 'um no could I please have toast with jam and peanut butter, peanut butter down first please' we cracked up, and he munched down on it as if he hadn't had the op and was fine from then on in. He was on pain relief, but had no problem with food smile

I just wanted to wish you all the best for thursday! Its so stressful when they have anything done, so sending some massive hugs your way!

With the toast vs soft food thing. Is it possible they were talking in different time frames? Soft food for the first few days and then toast?
DS had them out in May last year (he had just turned 5). The recommendations for us and for all others we have spoken to in the area is to let them eat whatever they feel like. DS mostly had icypoles and sandwiches. He reacted to 4 different painkillers which all made him quite sick but ended up on Painstop (get the night time one if you want them to sleep!) which is great stuff. Like others have said, keep the painkillers up for a few days. He was back to normal within a few days and was certainly sleeping better and snoring less!
Something which has also been recommended to a lot of people I know is to drink Coke as it reduces the scabbing and 'cleans' any gunk that's there.
Hope it all goes well for your DD!
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