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bathtime war Rss

I have a 21 month old who in the last week has started REALLY complaining at bathtime. We tell her it's bath time and she says NO!! We get her into the bath and she is okay but as soon as we try to put water anywhere near her hair (whether it be pouring or on a wash cloth) she screams and climbs out. It probably wouldn't bother me so much if she kept her hair clean then we could wash it every few days but she puts food through her hair at every meal so by the end of the day it's pretty bad. I havent tried the swimming goggle trick yet, I might go and buy some tomorrow. She has never liked water near her face but this is getting ridiculous. Any help would be good.
Have you tried giving her a shower instead? I alternate between bath and shower depending how my son feels at bath/shower time. We make shower time really fun so he doesn't mind it, I personally find it easier than running a bath.

Mum to Bub

My little one hates getting her face wet at bath times too, I have since put some sticker on the roof and get her to hold her head back as far as she can she gets a surprise every time she looks at the roof, I think she forgets.... it works in the beginning anyway..Good luck.... Any ideas on getting them dressed afterwards???
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