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Nappy Rash Lock Rss

I would love to know how to keep my 18mth old daughters nappy rash under control. I use chux with water, I've tried every cream there is, Hydrozole keeps it away but you can only use it for so long, please help.

Amanda, N.S.W, 18mth girl

My son has ALWAYS had nappy rash as he has what is called "toddler diaarhea". I use Curash with every nappy change and that has made a huge difference to him - it's been a year now since I've started using it. When it flares up, which is not very often, I use a cortisone cream prescribed by the doctor. I also use the Curash wipes they are also excellent.

Mum to Bub

Just another thing to consider my daughter from 11 months of age to 12 months old had the worse rash ever it bleed she would screem extra even if i changed her bum straight away within seconds her bum would still be bright red i was so cranky with myself as my son never had this problem so when i took her to get her 12 month needles i mentioned it to the doctor and he mentioned she may be lactose intollerent and this can cause her poo's to be runny and very acid like he said to try so good soy milk for a week and see what happened low and behold within 3 days of using soy milk her rash was completely gorn she is know 13 months old and hasnt had a rash since.

I have in the past with jake and taylah found curash wipes and bum cream to be the only thng that would remotly work there is also an over the counter cream you can get cant remember the name but its 50mls in a white tube and with all the antifungle creams its fantastic its $13 though but well worth the money. you put the antifuyngle cream on first then the nappy rash cream it clears within 2 days.

Good luck chicky it can be hurtful; watching your child in pain

Selene, NSW, JAKE 3 TAYLAH 1

It could be a thrush rash which means nothing other than a thrush cream will make it disappear, I also have a 18 month old and whenever her rash get really bad I get Daktozin you can buy it over the counter at the chemist and I swear by it, everyone else I know who has tried it also reckons its great. It clears the rash up really quick as it is so thick, even if it isn't thrush I would still recommend this cream..
Good luck.

Lorraine, WA

The best thing that I have found, cheap too! Use Zink cream, then sprinkle her bot with cornflour. my mum told me this one and a few other mums, they used this before all these creams came along. If you have look at the ingredients on the creams from the shop alot of them have zinc as one form or another. It doesn't sting them either... I swear by it. Good luck!!
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