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Is cloth diaper a good investment? Rss

I am looking for help on deciding whether to use cloth diaper or disposable diaper. My friend recommended me to use cloth diaper. Cloth diaper is expensive but it save my money in the long run whereas disposable diaper is cheap but expensive in the end. Please help. Any experience on cloth diaper? Thank you in advance for your help.

The Bubzico Way

I am so torn on this subject!
I keep thinking I would like to give cloth nappies a go, and I think in the long run they would be more economical, even though I do buy cheap nappies on line (usually around 18c each) and just use huggies overnight, it's the thought of that little bit of extra work that puts me off in the end, apparently the soaking etc doesn't take much time, but I just can't be bothered to go that extra mile - What a slacker ay! smile

I love the idea of MCN I really do....and I used baby beehinds full-time for DD until she was 9 months. My thoughts....

- Easy to wash and dry. Just dry pail then put in washing machine.
- Not one single leak
- Easy to put on and off
- Really are a beautiful and natural nappy. Very soft.

- Very bulky nappies, were a pain for the snap crotch body suits and onesies
- DD was already in size large covers by 9 months. Admittedly she did fit into medium, but I didn't want a leak so used the larger size. But I'm sure there is no way she would have fitted into those nappy covers until 2 years old.

And the me lazy but I already do enough washing without adding 3-4 loads a week to it. DS was a very spewy baby too so I had so much washing anyhow....

I just stocked up on jumbo boxes of huggies before DS was born. And grab a box when they are $29. Works for us smile
So worth it!!! I have 3 kids my twins Are 1year 2 weeks and my eldest is 2 years 6weeks. All still in nappies and I use cloth and have done so since my first was 5 months and I found out I was pregnant!! I bought most of mine Second hand I use baby beehinds and nifty naps I spent $400 building up my cloth nappy stash to be big enough for all 3 kids to use full time. They are still going strong and I plan to use them on my 4th child due early march smile I also use cloth wipes which are simply face washers from the baby section at target 10 for $4 or cheaper if you get them on clearance. I love not having to put wipes and nappies in my shopping trolley every week as they would make a huge chunk of my shopping bill as well as take up a lot of room lol!!
I use a mix of MCN and diposables. We got given a few MCN, a couple of different sorts. They are fine but also stock up on huggies when they are on special as little miss stays dry a lot longer for volume than when using the MCN. The sort we have are bamboo, you get two inserts for every nappy but find the inserts take forever to dry if you do not have a dryer and there isn't a healthy breeze outside, so really impractical over winter.

Having said that, the cloth nappies are easier on the bum for bubs, they look pretty comfy. And come in so many funky colours and patterns these days!

They sometimes come up on special so you could always get a pack to try out before investing in a full set and at least you have some stowed away if you ever get caught short.

Definitely second lukasandmaggie we just use cloths for DS bottom instead of wipes, we use the chux cloths that you can wash and re use. It saves a lot on wipes and also DS has had nappy rash once in his life (now 18 months) and that was when we were away for a few days and used wipes, so I think I can confidently say that wipes contribute to nappy rash for our DS.

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