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2.5 year old still drooling?? Lock Rss

My 2.5 year old DS has always been an excessive drooler and I'm wondering at what age this will stop. It doesn't seem to bother him at all but I am finding drool puddles on the floor especially when he is doing something where his head is bent down (eg doing floor puzzles). He's never had a dummy, although he does suck his thumb. He has all his teeth and his speech is reasonably clear for his age.
My 1 year old DD on the other hand hardly ever drools, even when she's teething.

Is there anything I can do or will it eventually stop?
I have a friend whose son was very much the same, although from memory (he's 8 now), his speech wasn't quite as intelligible as it could have been. She arranged for him to see a speech therapist who said he had low tone in his oral muscles. She assigned exercises for him to perform - the only ones I can remember are blowing a whistle and licking all around his mouth while watching in a mirror - and there was a significant improvement. He still has a tendency to hold his mouth open while at rest but that's all.

I'm not qualified to say whether this is the issue, of course, but on the plus side, it can't hurt to try smile
DD was a serious drooler. Had to double bib tops, lots of washing due to soaked t-shirts as went through 3-4 per day. Was a dummy addict until 2 when it got taken away. Still drooled. Drooling stopped when she was 3 almost 4. She has had no speech problems, actually quite articulate for her age.

DS never drooled.
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