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Liar, liar pants on fire. Lock Rss

I have a question for mums with older kiddies.

My DD1 started kindy a few weeks ago. She is liking it in general, but is coming home and lying her pants off about it! She has embarrassed me a couple of times. She s making up stories or greatly embellishing things that happened in the day to me. For example she tell me that one of her new little friends is moving to a different school and yesterday was her last day. When I said it was sad to see her go to the little girls mum at school pick up, she gave me the strangest look. She isn't going anywhere???? she also tells me that she is having trouble with so so e else bullying her, and the teacher has to put her in the 'thinking chair'. Again, when I mentioned it to the teacher, she had no idea what I was talking about, they don't even use a timeout method of discipline.

I have tried calling her out over it, but she gets defensive and angry. Any suggestions as to why this behaviour has started? And how to discourage it?

Hm, I'm really interested in this...give me some time to think and I'll be back...
At that age it's actually relatively normal. They can't differentiate between reality and imagination very well and they just make stuff up. Sometimes they actually believe what they say.

I have some reading material about it from a course I did. If I can find it and if Huggies will let me get back on I will let you know what it suggests.

I know what you mean about being embarrassed by it. My mum told me a story that DS told her and I was so glad he had told it to her and not someone else!
He told her that one day I flushed a toilet with a broken lid and some water splashed out and got in my mouth and I liked it! There is no part of that story that is true! Where did he even come up with that?!

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

Haha...mmmm.... Toilet water.....

I spoke to her teacher today after school who said something along the same line as Zinkles, basically, it's encouraging that she has such an active imagination. She probably isn't aware she is 'lying' quite yet. So not to accuse or shame her, but just correct her gently. Not sure how in practice that will work though.

No advice here but this did remind me of a funny story... DD's babysitter (who I used to babysit) is now 19, anyway she had just started school at age 5 and really impressed the teacher by standing up at the front of the class and singing happy birthday to one of the other kids in Hungarian (she has Dutch grandparents), the teacher later mentioned to her mum that its amazing how fluent she was in Hungarian... But the little ratbag had made the whole thing up on the spot, she didn't know a word of the language apart from Oma and Opa the grandparents names! Still cracks me up lol
Actually her doozy was a few weeks ago. She had a respitory attack and ended up in hospital. She was treated and after we were seen by an asthma care nurse. The nurse was telling is all the dos and donts of asthma and said 'and of course you should never smoke near an asthmatic child'. I said 'no no my husband and I dont smoke' (and we really don't), but little miss turns around and says completely straight faced 'yes you do mum, you smoke like a chimney!' The nurse looked at me like I was the worst parent in the world....

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