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6yr old with red rash and pimples Lock Rss

Hi all,

My 6yr old has developed a fair few pimples on his bottom and has a red rash when you open his cheeks.

If he was a baby in a nappy I can understand but at this age, what could it be?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, it's horrible when I see him so itchy.
This sometimes happens to my 4.5 year old too. I find it happens if he
a) hasn't wiped himself properly after a poo or
b) has had residual poo in his jocks that may have gone unnoticed for a few hours (like at kindy where he is embarassed) and thus caused a reaction and rash.

I find it clears up within a day and I use nappy rash cream after giving him a thorough wash.

I hope this helps.
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