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Son favours Nanna over me Lock Rss

Hi All,

Just looking for a bit of advice. My son is minded by my mother & father in law twice a week. My mother in law is quite over bearing and always thinks she knows best. When I go to pick up my son of an afternoon mum-in-law will go to give him to me and he refuses and clings to her. If he falls and bumps his head when I'm there he only wants her to pick him up. It can be quite embarrasing as it looks like my own child doesn't want to know about me. My in-laws are helping out as I have gone back to work full time and I don't know what to do. I think he is spending too much time with his Nanna but I can't say anything as she is doing us a favour by minding him. Any thoughts?


I completely understand how u feel!
We live with my MIL!
And she is constantly moddy codling him!
and whenever he hurts himself-He doesnt want me! When my MIL is around! (Same happens when Dad is around too!)

I dont think ur MIL should be too offended if u approach her and say 'It's hurting U!'
Im sure she'll understand!
My SIL gives her son up to her mother all the time! And now he doesnt want a bar of her when 'Nanna' is around!
But it is her own fault! (She works too-But she also palms him off on weekends).

Can you cut back on working hours?
It is so hard these days being a working mum! But unfortunately not every mother has the luxury of staying home! and playing with their bubs all day!

But-My only advice is to talk it over with your MIL and see if u can both work something out-So that Your Son 'wants' u!
So to speak! (Sorry I didnt know how to word it!)

And one other thing! When SHE picks him up and hands him to you-Thats got to stop!
(Joel does the same!)
You need to pick him up! but she needs to keep her distance so that you and your son have special time together without her presence(Even in your lunch break!)
I hope I have been of a little help to you!

2 more sleeps

hey melster don't worry he still loves you more then anyone. we only see my in-laws about 6 or so times a year but my son still prefers my mil to me for most things. We just got back from two weeks there for holidays and my son even wanted to sleep in the house with them (we stay in the granny flat) the first night he was great the next night he woke up and wanted me and the next one he wanted to sleep back out with me. What I am trying to say it's a novelty thing and when it came to the crunch your son would want you. But also it is great for your child to have a really close relationship with someone other than you. I guess it's probably hard for you as your mil is over bearing but I don't think he is spending too much time with her as my sone hardly ever sees his nanna and still reacts the same way your son does! that is a bit garbled and I hope you can work out what I am trying to say!

Kelly,QLD, boy 23.01.03 and girl 08.04.05

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