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regards to introduce Probiotics to infant and toddler Lock Rss

I have two boys myself and would like to know is any parent out there introduce their kids and baby probiotics.
I have recently stop breastfeed to my 5 months old baby and wondering if i should start him on the probiotics to strengthen his immune system as his big brother which is only 2 yo and going to day care once a week and come home with all the germs.
I take him to the shower after return back from the day care.

Any advice would be grately appreciate.

Hock Li
Probiotics are living microorganism that helps maintain the balance of good and bad bacteria in the digestive tract. Probiotics are used to treat colic, reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation and eczema etc. However, before giving probiotics to your baby you should consult your doctor especially if your baby has allergy and is on other medications.
I put my 4 month old on probiotics hes now 6 months and has not had a cold at all and weve had a few in our household!
Now the three of us coming down with cold. Poor bub spew out as he can't blow his nose.. And now he is sounds asleep. Thanks for your response I will look into it. And I do still miss breastfeed him.. Wish I can go longer to give him the golden milk.
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