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teeth cleaning Lock Rss

I am having heaps and heaps of problems trying to get my 26 mth old son, Ethan to clean his teeth. He is happy to "play" with the toothbrush but as soon as I try to clean them properly he clamps his mouth shut and cries and carries on and we just don't get them cleaned. We have tried letting him choose his own toothbrush, brushing teddy's teeth, letting him clean our teeth, getting him to watch himself in the mirror and NOTHING seems to work. I am sick and tired of fighting with him about this. I would really appreciate if anyone had any suggestions.
Thanks, Jodie
Hi Jodie,
It seems there might be something in the name!
My son, Ethan, who turns 3 next month, also gives me heaps of grief when it comes to brushing his teeth. I've tried a few similar things to you. Including the use of a battery operated brush. The deal with that was that I brush his teeth with the normal t/brush then he has a turn with his 'special' t/brush. Unfortunately the novelty lasted about a week!
I've found that if I can distract him with a piece of news or a story of some sort it gives me about a minute before he starts to clamp down or move away! As I grab his t/brush I say something like...."I want to tell you something...." and that gets his attention....sometimes.
Most times I haven't planned what I'm going to tell him so I have to think quick. The things we do as parents! Hehe!

Lisa. Mum to Ethan 25/9/2000 and Ben 6/5/2003

Hi Jodie,

I know exackly how you feel, i went thru the same problems just as you did for months. I even held her down just so i could clean them, i was more determined than her.

One night when i was fes up with her carry on, i asked hubby to do it. She was a perfect angel for him, can you believe it. It is now his job and even if i do it now she is great.

I know we were very lucky with this result but it may work for you.

Another suggestion is the electric versions, they are pretty nifty to a 26mth.


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Jodie, Have you thought of trying an electric toothbrush, our 17 month old loves his and goes looking for it after breakfast and before bed every night. Actually any chance he gets he will have it in his mouth. He will also sit in the bath and use his normal tooth brush though he has a tendency to want to clean our teeth as well. A friend of mine who is a dentist told me to pin him to the ground and let him scream if we have to so that we can clean his teeth. I didn't like this idea and thankfully didn't have to use it, but apparently it works most times as the child doesn't like being held down. Have you taken him to the dentist yet, maybe being explaining to him that he needs to clean them so that he doesn't have to go to the dentist and have fillings? Good Luck!!

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I've heard that the electric toothbrushes a good. But I haven't tried one myself. I know that you can get kids ones, but they aren't on the cheap side, I have seen some for around $30 in coles, but you could probably get them cheaper elsewhere.
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