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TODDLER ATTACK! 16 months and out of control.. need mummy help! Lock Rss

Please help - does anyone have any advice? I have a 16 month old toddler whom up until this point I have spoiled endlessly. However, now that I have started to say "no", she has started to attack me. For example, yesterday she ran to the pantry and screamed for another rice cracker. As she had already eaten three, I said no. So she ran up to me screaming wildly and tried to gouge out my eyes by wildly scratching my face. I was so shocked! I really didn't know how to respond, so I just cuddled her and said please don't hurt mummy. But cuddling her and saying no doesn't seem to be working because now every time I say no, she goes absolutely crazy. She runs towards me and bites me and tries to attack my face. This morning, I was sitting on the couch and she walked past me and threw her barbie etch-a-sketch at me. I said, please don't hurt mummy and she bit me on the hand. When I picked her up for a cuddle and said no, she bit me again on the shoulder. Then she laughed and ran away. I am at an absolute loss. What do I do? Why is this happening? Am I a bad mum?
She isnt used to everything not going her way now. When my son started walking at about 14 months I started using “no” if he ever retaliated I would grab him by the wrists and firmly say no. If he continued afterwards I would say no, give him a quick slap on the hands and walk away. If he ever threw something at me I would tell him he will not get it back until he behaved and walk away from him. After a month of doing that, he understood that fighting isnt going to get him what he wants.

I did feel guilty when I slapped him and saw him cry but this is how they learn. Cuddles will not reassure her because it is more of a comfort gesture to her but she still knows she will not get what she wants.

You are not a bad mother. I am sure everyone experiences this and has their own way of doing things. Your LO has just started to hear the word “no” their initial reaction will always be to get upset and throw a tantrum.
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