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Toddler who screams constantly Lock Rss

Please help! I am a family daycare educator, I have a 2 year old in my care who very rarely doesn't get what she wants at home. If she is told no, or even as an example the other day she wanted one of the babies to sit next to her I said "I'm sorry *name* but I dont think *name* wants to sit right now she is playing with the blocks" so she started that usual ear peircing scream, foot stamping etc. I've tried re-directing her, in that situation I suggested she go and play with the blocks with *baby*.
She hits and bites and pinches, I get down on her level and tell her that by doing that she has hurt *child* and she needs to say sorry, but that just starts the "NO!" and the screaming.

I guess I got lucky, I have never dealt with this with my children they were all just so chilled out.
I've tried talking to the mum about what strategies she uses to deal with her tantrums and the only advice she gave me is "I don't, I just give her what she wants". But obviously I can't do that here.

I'm really at the end of my rope, none of my usual methods work (redirecting, time out, distraction) she is disrupting the other kids. She interrupts nap time because she wants to play the iPad (I don't even own an iPad). So she will sit there and scream and keep the rest of the kids awake. Or if I am trying to put the baby to bed she will stand at the door and scream because she wants the baby's teddy. I try and give her plenty of one on one attention so I don't think she is doing it for attention, solely because she is so used to getting what she wants.

Does anyone have any advice? Please I'm ready to tell this parent their child can't come anymore. She's only been here 2 weeks so I'm hoping I can adjust this behaviour. This child is with me from 7.30am - 5.30pm normally that isn't a bad day, but I am both emotionally and mentally exhausted by the end of the day because of this child.

a stressed out daycare mum.
That mother is sending a child out into the world that will disrupt school, and the workplace and probably every relationship she enters. I feel for you, and as she is not yours, and she is learning from home that there are no boundaries, I don't see what you can do to help. I would be refusing to take her anymore because she will make your working day a misery, and ruin the day for the others in your care also.
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