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Need to work out what nappies I have Lock Rss

I have some nappies that fit my daughter well. Unfortunately I have thrown out the box so only have the plastic packet from inside.
Is there a way to work out what size the nappies are from the code on the plastic packet?

Or there is a code inside one of the tabs on the nappy.

I really don't want to buy a box, open it and discover that they are too small ????

Any help appreciated

Danielle, Tas, Jessica 2yrs, Jordanna & Kara 4mont

Good afternoon! How much ur baby weighs? So based on ur baby weight you can try a sample from huggies and buy them if it's correct.
The question isn't about how heavy my baby is. I have a nappy that fits and I need to know what size it is.

It has a code on the nappy under the tab and also a code on the clear plastic bag but I can't find what they mean.

Codes are as follows:
Plastic bag code

The code under the tab
X7170427 0525

There is no other codes or signs on the nappy or bag as to what size it is.

I need to find out asap what size these are and purchase more.

Your help is appreciated ????
Thankyou ????

Danielle, Tas, Jessica 2yrs, Jordanna & Kara 4mont

hey DanLoki !!! I was thinking that when a woman becomes a mom when she thinks in such way. She doesn’t take care of herself. But she is too concerned about her baby’s nappies. Well, it’s a part of life. Especially a mom can realize its importance very well. Nappies size can be determined by your baby weight. It can also be determined by the waist of your baby. usually in my family case, it is determined by the age of the baby. mostly departmental and superstores keepers know about it. you just need to tell them about 1 of the factor that I describe you. they will help you in finding it. don’t take tension. If you are just interested in your lost nappies packet the try to read it from all sides. Maybe there is something written on it. see you soon. good luck!!!
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