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Hand Holding out and about Lock Rss


Just wondering if anyone has any tips at all on getting your toddler to hold your hand when out and about in the shops.

My Little boy is 16months old and I am trying to teach him to walk around holding hands as I am expecting number two and dont want to have to carry both of them. When I put him down he runs and if I try and hold his hand he throws himself on the ground and screams. I let him run his tantrum then try again and again but he never gives up. I end up giving up and letting him run wild. If anyone has any ideas I would be greatly appreciated.
Kindy & BJ
maybe you should just try getting him to hold your hand for short periods of time then build up to longer.. Like walking to the mailbox or from the car to the shops..etc Also something which my son loves to do is hold onto the pram and walk along side it(i do this also in readiness for #2).. He really enjoys the fact that he is walking "alone"!!

You could also try one of those backpacks that are animals, their tails being like a harness of sorts that you hold onto while the backpack is on your toddler!

Hope some of this
Best of luck

Foley 03/05/04, Corbin 13/04/07

i have three yr old twins and we use wrist straps to keep them in control otherwise its crazy town and if you start with it while his little he wont fight as much mine like to wear it cause i tell them they will lose me if they dont
I still struggle with this with my two year old- I was so surprised when it first became an issue, because in my head just assumed that hand holding would just come naturally to her, but it really was something that had to be taught. Persitence paid off, and we don't really have a problem now. One thing that helped was telling her she would be carried if she didn't hold my hand. I still use this method. Stick with it and it'll work eventually!

Ellie, NSW, DD 3 yrs & TTC # 2

Hi, I was concerned when my DD started walking and didn't want to sit in her pram or in the trolley when we were out and with them being so small and fast (and the dangers about now) I to was worried. My mum actually bought me reins, which I put her arms through do it up at the front and it has reins coming from the back that I hold onto while she walks around. They have worked a treat and no tantrums. Walking around the shops is quite slow now but at least I know that I have her with me all the time and she has both hands free to walk along.
I believe she got them from David Jones or Myers, they were only about $15.
Hope this helps and all the best with no. 2.
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