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Hi, i have a 2year old daughter and i am working full time for the past 8 months. Her grandmother cares for her during the day and she used love going there but lately, she hates going there. As soon as pull in the driveway, she screams. It upsets us to see her like this, as we don't like leaving her there, but we need the extra money from my wage. As soon as we get there to pick her up she picks up her bag and walks to the front door to go home. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how we can make it easier for her to go there without getting upset.
can she talk and tell you what the problem is? I try and drop off my daughter at morning tea time. Once she has a plate of food in front of her she is fine for me to leave and by the time she has finished she has forgotten all about mummy leaving.


Try not to worry about it to much. My son was used to being left at his nan's and then suddenly he turned 2 and didn't want to let me out of his sight. I fixed it by putting him into daycare 1 day a week so that he could interact with other kids his age and get used to me leaving him but coming back to get him. My daughter just started the stage. So if u know for a fact that there isn't anything that could be a huge concern at her grandmothers u know it's just a stage.
We have found that if I take my 3yr old she screams and screams - either to grandparents or daycare - but if my husband drops her off she is fine and its like kiss and cuddle and bye dad. This is from when I first started leaving her after her 1st birthday (I went back to work) and it continues until now - so I think in my case Melanie wants to be with her mum - it brings me to tears when I leave her - but after 5 mins she seems fine and is having fun.

Maryanne, NSW, Melanie 3yrs & Nicholas 1yr

Hi! Tesa,

I have read this somewhere else - not sure if it was on the huggies site or somewhere else - So SORRY to anyone if I have stolen their idea! But I thought it was a wonderful idea!

The had put together this book full of photos of the day - e.g. Getting up in the morning , breakfast, dropping them off at nannys - mums day at work - you sitting at your desk etc - basically all the things you do at work - all with times next to them - and then a photo of you picking them up! So this way they know exactly what to expect for the day! It takes out the suprises - and makes it easier for them if they have it with them all day - and if they feel lost then can look at this book and no that mummy isn't far away!

Hope this helps! Aletha

Arianna, Reagan & Oakley

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