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When did your start to have tantrums? Lock Rss

I have noticed lately that DD will occasionally crack a little wobbly when she doesn't get her own way. For example, she had a few licks of DH's ice cream last night. When it was finished, DD had a short wobbly - obviously she wanted more. I am fairly firm with her at this point and she stops and looks as if to say 'your a bi**h mummy' - lol. I wasn't sure if this kind of thing is a normal development stage or just the repurcussions of her being sick recently and also a bit of teething. I'd love to hear what you guys think and what your babies are/where like in this pre-tantrum like stage.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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Hi Kazi,
My liitle man is doing the same he turns 14mnths in a weeks time. If he can't have something on the kitchen table or wants a drink pronto he does a little dance and stamps his feet or falls down on the floor.
I laugh on the inside but I tend to ignore him or firmly say "no" you can't have that and distract him to something else. He loves getting in our fridge if the boys leave the door open and then we know all about it when we move him and close the door.
They are so funny at this age and you would think having a tantrum this early is ridiculus but they certainly have minds or their own and no one will tell them other wise.
Hope they don't carry on like this for too long before the terrible two's kick in!.
Have fun

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