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Whats your rountine for 2 1/2-3 year old Lock Rss

Just wondering whats your rountine for the older child. I run out of ideas on how to keep a very active 2 year old busy all day.

its so cold to get outside for more then 1/2 hour a day. so mostly I need indoor activities other then watching movies and reading books.

what time does your little one get up, what time does he goto bed.

Maree NSW, Oscar 5 yrs and Anton 2yr

My 2 year old isnt really into tv or movies so it is hard to keep him occupied indoors sometimes as well. He has lots of toys, he loves puzzles too. At the moment we just put on lots of clothes and go to the park across the road when it gets too much inside!!
He gets up usually 7am-7.30am, has a sleep 11.30 - 1.30 and goes to bed at 7pm.
Will be watching the posts to see any great ideas people have smile

Suz, NSW

Hi Everyone,
My almost 3 yo wakes up 6.15-6.45 and has milk and then breakfast juggled around getting breakfast/changing etc 9mth old. She potters around and plays for a while, then I let her watch some TV (she would sit there all day if I let her!), then when bub goes to bed we usually play outside for a while, she has swings/tramp/play gym/sand pit etc or she helps me put clothes on the line, do the washing up (or just plays with cups and pours[spills] water everywhere). Emily also likes cleaning, dusting and windexing, so I give her a damp chux and she dusts the furniture for me. She normally has a little bite to eat at about 10ish, does a bit more of whatever (we also do play-doh, collage, water paints are good inside) and has lunch at 11.30. Supposed to go to bed at 12.30-1pm, but lately does not want to sleep during the day, but when she does she normally has 1.30-2hrs. Then afternoon tea around 3pm, more playing,TV etc, sometime to the park depending on bub's sleeps. Bath at 5.30, dinner at 6 and bed at 7.30. Has a very set routine just before bed, milk at 7pm, brush teeth, then story in bed then sleep.
Collage is great, just roughly cut old wrapping paper, cellophane, scrapbooking supplies, $2 shops have heaps of good stuff for collage. Paper plates are an interesting change to glue onto, as is Alfoil. Also cheap scrapbook and washable markers are great, they can be taken anywhere!
Hope this helps, Kellie.

Kellie, mum to Emily 4yo, and Jack 21mths

I have a 2 yrs old and a 4 months old daughters.My elder one is very very active,never sits still for a minute and very adventurous.So I have to watch her all the time...she usually wakes up around 8.a.m and then have breakfast while watching wiggles Then we spend some time together either by watching play school or playing blocks.or simple games.. then she follows me around the home while I am doing house hold chores..... i try to make these time fun also by asking her do u know what mom is cooking.... what color is this clip, how many eggs r here?Around 10.30 she has her morning tea(fruits and egg) and milk.some times we go out into the back yard for 1/2hr or so and have morning tea there. then shower and lunch btwn 12.30-1.00. she usually sleeps for 2hrs in.the afternoon. wake up around 3.-3.30.
then spend some time with her sisters and we have our afternoon tea(yoghurt, cheese)milk.may be another walk around the block or some indoor play. drawing..playing with her toys.(most of which r my old phone, old bags, spoons.plates..all her beautifull dolls and toys r in the box.)....and then dinner between 7-7.30. After the dinner starts my biggest struggle. I usually take her to bed around 8.p.m , read few stories but she doesn't sleep till 9.30 or even sometimes till 10.p.m. becoz she sleeps in our bed I have to be with her all the time till she falls sleep.As she is very adventurous.its almost impossible to take her to kitchen to help me or just to sit down there . Just wondering if u guys allow ur 2 yrs old to paint or draw pics as my dd will always end up making few strokes on the really i can't allow her to darw or paint.
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