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Ear Infections Lock Rss

Hi again Darlene,
I forgot to add that Cam was given breastmilk in bottles until she was 5mths old so the addage "kids who weren't breastfed have weaker estacian tubes" is a load of rubbish in my book!!!!
Good luck,

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

Hi Peta and Darlene, Thanks heaps for your information. Peta I was gobbed smacked when you said Cam has had a brown discharge coming for her ear for months. This happened for the first time on Wednesday. I picked Caleb up from day care and thought he had vegemite in his ear & hair. He has a habit of rubbing his food through his hair and all over his face. I had to go to the shops on the way home so I tried to clean his ear which was caked in this stuff. He even had it behind his ear. Then I realised that it was like dark brown wax. Is that the sort of stuff Cam had from her ears??Here I was thinking hopefully the dam has been broken and we are on our way to recovery when it fact this could go on and on. Caleb has also been seeing the chiro who said his neck was pretty stiff. They had given us a massage to use along his jaw line to do a few times a day over the weekend to try to drain some of the yuk. On Sunday he had a big vomit with heaps of phlegm in it. They said on the Monday they were pretty happy with him. On Tuesday afternoon Caleb had a nap and woke up screaming. He didnt know what to do with himself. He did seem to be hitting his right ear. This lasted for a good hour and then after some nurofen he calmed down and seemed quiet happy. Then the ear discharge thing from his right ear on Wednesday. Today he has had a temp and has been very sleeping & clingy. We have another Drs appt tomorrow and another appt to the chiro. We were supposed to be going to Toowoomba for the Carnival of Flowers for the weekend but if Caleb has ear problems the last thing he needs is the altitude on the mountain with all the pollens in the air from the flowers. AAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGG does it ever end? We have our appt with the ENT on Tuesday so I guess we can only wait to see what they have to say.
Darlene thanks for your advice, you are right I do need to not only ask but to take help from people. I had problems breastfeeding Caleb so I expressed my milk until Caleb was 6 weeks old. The end was decided after 3 lots of mastitis, cracked bleeding nipples and the worse case of cold sores you have ever seen!! It looked like someone had punched me in the mouth. My whole top lip was covered from top outside to inside my mouth. The third lot of antibiotics really upset Caleb. I had enough to cope with recovering from a caesarean with a reflux baby so when mastitis started I just couldnt cope with anything else.
I hope things are much better for you both and will keep you informed on our progress or lack there of.Thanks again to you both.
Hi Everyone,

Thanks so much for sharing your stories, it's the best information I've been given to date by far. Riley is not only back to himself but is even better for having a change of diet. It seems the dairy alergy must have really been getting him down as now he seems like a new little boy. Riley never had any dark wax come from his ears when he had his ear infections, but it's definately something I'll keep an eye out for in future (fingers crossed though that it doesn't happen again though....) Janeen, my heart goes out to you hearing of Calebs state at the moment, I hope things get better for him soon. Hey - here's something of an old wives tale, but my aunty who is a nurse and who has had four children of her own swears by it, she said her son suffered from ear infections allot and she found that if she gave him a good decongestant, it dried up the fluid no problems and fixed him right up! I guess it makes sense and might be worth a try. And just FYI, I also had problems breast feeding Riley and had to express for three weeks, but couldn't keep up with his demand and as I was also recovering from a ceasar and he pretty much screamed day in day out for 12 weeks and spare time I had was spent sleeping, not expressing. At the time nobody could tell me what was wrong with him but now that we have the luxury of hindsight, we now know that it was probably his dairy intollerance that upset him when he was put onto formula. After asking doctors, nurses, and everyone bar the villiage idiot what I should do, I decided myself to change him to Goats Milk formula and as soon as I did that he calmed right down. All was good until just after his first birthday when he started getting the tonsilites and ear infections, I now see that changing him to cows milk off the formula just prior to his first birthday was what was causing this. Even though Riley is now well and back to his cheeky old self, I've still made an appointment with the ENT as there is a three month waiting list here as there is only one ENT in town. I figure I'll take the appointment and if we make the three months without any reocurrences I'll cancel it with a cheer!
Anyway guys, please keep me up to date with how Cam and Caleb are both doing and I send you whatever extra strength I've managed to accumulate with a few full nights sleep lately! My mum actually has Riley tonight to give me my first break in ages and I went out to a girlfriends place and just relaxed, chatted and had a few wines. I tell you, you need to look after yourselves too you know! Well what am I doing here? it's nearly midnight and I should be in bed savouring the peace and quiet and sleep time! I hope things get better for you both soon.
Hi again,
I hope things are looking up for the both of you. The couple of nights I've managed to stay here since moving to Mum's with baby Gabrielle (17wks) have been a nightmare. Camryn has slept through for my hubby but the nights I stay she wakes constantly crying out in pain & pulling at her ear. My hubby won't get up to her as he's been enjoying uninterupted sleep for 3wks now & I think he's starting to get used to it. It's a pity that he refuses to stay any nights at Mum's but it's his choice. I just can't be here with the terrible building mess & the noise throughout the day, they're meant to be finishing the roof this week & then should be 'breaking into' the back of the house soon after that. I just love that Gaby's Christening is here in 2wks & I won't have my new kitchen to entertain with. Camryn will be coming to mum's this week & then hubby will be here by himself. I'm dying to have the extension all finished so I can settle back in & not have to travel. Unfortunately it appears we'll be splitting our time between Mum's & here until Christmas!!!!!
Camryn's back on the antibiotics we're sorry to say as her ears are sore again & her nose is running badly. We have to clear the problem up before she can have the surgery. The wax in Cam's ears is dark brown & VERY thick - you're right in that it's a lush Vegemite consistency. It's absolutely grose stuff. Both times we've seen the ENT, he's reacted as though we never clean her ears out but the reality is they produce THAT MUCH goop! We're off the the GP again today to see how her ears are progressing with the antibiotics as there's only 10days until surgery.
Back soon,

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

Hi everyone I would love to give an update but only one of my posts have been processed since Thursday 25.09.03. Lets see if this one gets is processed...........................
Hi Everyone,

Just thought I'd give a little update on things at my end and see how you're doing. We have had no further (touch wood) ear problems since the last infection, we had one good week then Riley came down with a terrible gastro bug and I've never seen so much poo and spew in my life. My poor baby was terribly feverish and sick for almost a week and we had another trip to the hospital in the middle of the night as I was extremely worried about dehydration as he couldn't even keep any fluids down. He started to come good on the fifth day and then I went down with it very badly and ended up in hospital myself for four days on a drip. Thank god for my mum! She was able to take time off work to look after Riley. We are both well at the moment but given our bad run during the last 6 months I have to wonder how long it will last! He is at the moment sleeping well and eating well, he's taking his vitamins and we're doing everything right, so fingers crossed that we have a good spell of wellness! How are things with your two???
Hi Janeen & Darlene,
I'm glad things are looking up for you. I felt terrible when I read that you were so sick. It shows just how important it is to have support around us. My little nephew was hospitalised with a similar sounding bug that they called Rotor virus and the poor thing was so ill he just lay there and flopped his tiny little arm out and didn't even make a sound when they put a drip into him. He was in hospital for 4 or so days too. It took ages for him to get his strength back & now they're investigating why he isn't thriving.
Cam's operation is meant to be this Wed but hubby & I are dubious about it going ahead as she has a really runny nose which is making her eyes water constantly. Her ears still hurt her terribly & she complains constantly about them. We're still on anti-biotics but they're making no differnce & her right ear is still swollen, thick & mucusy. It's always described as being dull & the junk that comes out of it is disgusting. Unfortunately the specialisy & 2 GP's have exactly the same opinion in that the operation is a necessity so at least it's comforting to know that we're not jumping into it unnecessarily. I feel so sorry for little Cam. She's so bright & bubbly one minute & a sad little person the next. Hopefully she'll be much improved when it's all over.
Here's a question you might be able to help me with, how do you get your kids to take medicines & vitamins? We've tried mixing it into food, bottles, golden syrup, on spoons, in medicine cups & syringes, used bribary & curruption but nothing seems to work for us!
My fingers are crossed for you too,

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

Hi Darlene & Janeen,
It was a sad moment when we realised Cam was too sick for her operation. They tried to reschedule us for this week but a cancellation never came through. We have now been rescheduled for January!!!!!!! Why oh why does anybody bother to have private health insurance if they can't get their problems fixed sooner???
I called our GP with this dilemma as January means 4 months of antiobiotics, tears, arguments, tantrums etc and that's unacceptable in our minds. We now have an apointment with a new Dr on Nov 4 to try to sort it out sooner. The poor little dear is tugging at her ears all the time & she complains constantly & all this after being on antibiotics now for the best part of 6 wks. This afternoon we again got copious amounts of the 'vegemite' looking goop from both ears.
Hopefully we'll see an end to our problems soon,

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

I was so sorry to read about Cam's problems with her ears. I don't know if you have considered this, but would you take Cam to a chiropractor to see if it would help? Our son (14 months) has not experienced ear problems himself but I have had to go to the chiro to treat his reflux since 7 months and have learnt a little more about what chiro's can help with. Perhaps worth a try? Hope all is resolved for you soon.
Best wishes

Fiona, QLD, Mum to Henry 14 months

Hi Fiona,
Thanks for the reply. We've had Camryn to the chiro now for a few weeks but he can't seem to help her as the problem is that bad. She's still too sick for surgery and we're seeing 2 other ENTs in a hope that one of them could fit us in before January. We had to have Xrays on Saturday & they have shown she has been suffering bronchialitis for a while now & the Dr thinks she has asthma. Cam also has severe narrowing of the nasal passage due to her adnoids & there is only 3mm of space left for the air to get through. We been suffering projectile vomitting again due to her coughing fits & I've now got an appt. with a paediatrician to look into her immunology as she's not been what I could classify as a healthy, thriving child for 18mths.
She's a dear little thing & in the past 6wks the weight has been dropping from her. In one wk alone she lost somewhere in the vacinity of 1.5Kg which at 2yrs is quite a lot.
Hopefully we can get to the bottom of her health issues.
Thanks for the suggestions,

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

Hi Peta,

Have you considered Homeopathic remedies for Cam? I have had Riley tested for alergies and I have been finding the homeopathic treatments are working really well. He hasn't had any more ear problems even though he's had two colds (one now) one thing in particular which I think helps is a treatment called Traumeel. It's a natural anti inflamtory that assists soft tissue trauma but it also works wonders on cold and flu symptoms. (I take this myself for back pain and cold and flu and find it works well on both) I've been giving Riley traumeel when he has a cold and he hasn't developed any ear infections which he ALWAYS did in the past whenever a cold came on. I also think it helps with his teething! I am also giving him homeopathic treatments to help his immune system and a treatment for to help his digestive tract after all his antibiotics. I can highly recomment taking Cam to a homeopath, Riley saw a fantastic Chinese Homeopath and he's been great ever since (except for the bout of gasto recently...but that couldn't be helped!!) Hang in there, I know how tough it must be for you all at the moment, but there's light at the end of the tunnel. I know how worried you are about the weight loss, Riley lost 2k during his last ear infection that lasted two weeks. But being a big boy he could afford to lose it (so to speak). Oh, and the good thing about Traumeel is that it has NO taste. it's just a nothing taste. I usually crush half a tablet between two spoons and put the powder into an egg cup, then I fill a medicine dropper with water and squirt it in, mix it up and fill up the dropper again. it's not much fluid to give them and it doesn't taste bad so she shouldn't mind it. I know she's probably well and truely over the taking medicine bit, but give it a try. Good luck.

Hi Peta
I'm so sorry that the chiro couldn't help. I really hope that you can get Cam in to see a specialist before Jan. It sounds as if she (and you) are coping with so much, but I'm sure you know that you are doing all you can. I will keep an eye out for anything new to treat ear infections on the web for you. Don't forget that you're a great Mum and she will get better. Talk soon. Best wishes Fiona

Fiona, QLD, Mum to Henry 14 months

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