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Hi Girls,
I'm happy to say that since the grommets (Nov 03) we've only had two tiny little runny noses. We went for our post-op check-up & passed with flying colours. I thought we'd run into trouble as Cam had submerged herself entirely by doing a beautiful swan dive into the water at Pittwater only a week earlier (wearing a gorgeous dress mind you). Luckily my sister was only a step behind her & bundled her up & out of the water in a flash. We couldn't get over how quickly it all happened. It was 2yr old magnificance if ever I've seen it. I'm such a terrible mum that all I could do was keel over laughing at this beautiful fully-clothed teeth-chattering cherub before me. It still makes me laugh. Anyway, we've been sent to the Royal Deaf & Blind School to have a complete paed. hearing test & she passed with the normal range so her speech & hearing should develop at a normal pace now, although we must still be ever vigilant.
The hardest task we have to do now is keep her ears dry & happily I can say she's been allowed back to swimming lessons. Now I've got to find a place to take her.
I hope you're all having success with your littlies,

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

I have just been reading all the entries and thought my story may be interesting. My son (now 17 months old) was breastfeed for 6 months. From the day he was born when 6pm came he screamed uncontrollably until he would fall asleep exhausted about midnight. I didn't worry he was my second child and my first was extremely collicky it all seemed normal. After 4 months I went out one evening and the babysitter gave him some formula. All went fine. A week later I was worried he wasn't getting enough milk and was starving so I gave him some rice cereal and a bottle of formula. He ate the cereal drank all the milk and went to sleep and woke up 1 hour later. I went into his room to find the cot dripping in vomit. The carpet was saturated. The vomiting came every minute for four hours until he wouldn't respond at all anymore. I rushed him to the doctor and they said it was probably the rice cereal. About 2 weeks later I gave him another bottle of formula and he was even worse. He was sent to an allergy specialist who diagnosed him with milk protein allergy. I was told to cut all diary products out of my diet. Within 24 hours the evening scream had stopped never to return. He was put on formula at 6 months, absolutely no diary products with a view of hopefully growing out of it by 4 years old. Then the ear infections came. He failed his first hearing test, went to the doctors and had an ear infection. It never went no matter how many antibiotics he was given (and trust me there were plenty, I almost got shares in the local chemist). At fourteen months the doctor finally sent me to the ENT and grommets were done a week later. Still no different the ear kept getting infected. About two months later I realised the creche was giving him margarine on his toast for breakfast (he went there two days a week). I told them to stop and the ear infection was gone with 48 hours. Oh and to the lady who was wondering if you can get a cold from dairy. Definately. Everytime something slips through the diet with even traces of milk (or egg cos hes allergic to that too) he gets cold symptoms, an ear infection, eczema and basically is very very grumpy for about 4 days. I hope your babies are not allergic to milk but there is a definate link between allergy and ear infections. My son was living proof.
Hi Ashley,
Thanks for your reply. I really feel for you. We went back to the ENT for the 5mth check on Thurs (08/04) & got a gold star. Camryn had wax built up around her left grommit that was of some concern as it was more than expected but the amount of wax around the right was at an acceptable level. Here hearning tests have come back as within normal range for appropriate language development. It's something that we'll keep a close eye on though as many people think it's fixed once grommets go in but there's always the possiblity of re-infection in the future.
I understand you diet dilemma. Camryn took an eternity to come back to her beautiful self when she enjoyed the Xmas party at pre-school. It was horrible. The night terrors, eczema, biting, tantrums that went for hours, teeth grinding, total bully-babe (unprovoked aggression) & non-compliance. No-one should have to put up with that over food! We challenged her for wheat & sure enough most of the above symptoms returned. We need to go through it again just to check we were right & I'm not looking forward to it.
Last week we did a salicylate challenge & she seemed OK with the moderate level but we gave her 3 small pieces of watermelon (what kid doesn't love it?), which are high in salicylates, and the next day she was aweful again. The poor kid will have to live without so many wonderful things but if it helps her ears & controls her behaviour, then I'm all for it. We will just keep challenging her in time to see if the effects decrease. Eventually she'll just have to learn to manage her own intake.
I thoroughly agree that food is closely linked to childrens' health issues, particularly colds/mucus, eczema & behaviour.
I'm glad you know what your son's triggers are as it helps to know their limitations.
Best wishes,

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

Hi Pete & corkh after reading your posts I have been left gobsmacked!! About a month ago we decided just after Calebs last ear infection to take him to a homeopath/acupuncturist. He said exactly what the both of you are saying. He said Caleb was a mucus boy and wheat and dairy aggravate this badly. He also said that Calebs energy levels were very low, his face was bloated & his general colour was bad. Caleb gets big black eyes when he has an ear infection and of course this is not helped with giving him wheat and dairy. He has been working on Calebs energy and we had to take wheat and dairy out of his diet. The difference has been amazing. Also as you both said on one visit to the acupuncture (they use lasers not needles) Caleb as just very naughty and started to get a runny nose. We were worried he was getting a cold but he said straight away "he has had wheat". Caleb had spent the last 2 days in day care so no doubt it has slipped through to him. Sure enough 3 days later (this is how long they say it takes to get the wheat out) no runny nose and the lovely boy is back!! It is really bazaar and if I had not seen it myself I would say are nuts!. Caleb also sleeps better, doesnt throw as many temper tantrums and has started talking again..........his latest words - NEMO, HENRY (the octopus),TANIA (his day care mum but he says ANIA) and WOODY!! Mine you its not perfect but I was starting to think he was never gong to speak. I know it sounds silly to some but when your child is so sick and you finally seem to be winning its a fantastic feeling. I was starting to think I was just putting my son through so much nonsense and was being cruel but in just a month the difference in Caleb is......... I am just speechless. Thank you both for your news, its great to hear!
Hello Everyone,

It seems like ages since I've had a spare moment to post a little note but I've been reading everyone's posts as they come through and I'm soooo glad that everyone seems to be having success through their chosen avenues. Riley has been very well for about 6 months now, no major illnesses at all and this has been since I took him to the homeopath who told me he had wheat and diary intollerances. They told me if I was strick with his intake of both that he should almost be over it by the time he's two. Well he turns two next week (can you believe it) and has slowly started to have a little wheat and dairy re introduced to his diet with no dramas at all. I have also found another FANTASTIC and simple product to give him which is completely all natural and has had amazing results on him and other kids I know who have had continiuos bouts of sickness all their lives. It's a vitamin for kids called PhytoBears. it's like a little gummybear lolly and contains all natural vitamins and minerals from food sources that we lack in the foods we eat. It is in a format that is easily absorbed into the system as it is a food sourced vitamin NOT a sythetic vitamin. I have seen a number of kids change DRAMATICALLY from taking these, not only their general health and wellbeing, but believe it or not it has calmed what can only be described as some extreme behavourial problems in some kids. Their concentration is better, they are calmer, and they seem to be at ease within their little bodies. I kid you not! I am about to start on the adult version of these which is called Glyconutrients and I can't wait! If anyone wants any info on this stuff just email me as it's not something you can buy through stores at the moment as it's imported from America. I have easy access to a Glyconutrients representative through a Beauty Salon I am working in at the moment that is specialising in only natural/organic products. My email address is The phytobears are pretty cheap at about $25 and I can honestly say that they are the most amazing range of vitamins I've ever seen for kids and the most natural! The results I have seen and the feedback I've had from parents who've started using them have totally blown me away. If you want any more info, just pop me an email. I would also be happy to put you in touch with the glyconutrients rep who is an expert in the products.
hi everyone,

i was facinated to read what everyone had to say about allergies to wheat and dairy, and ear infections.
i spent thursday at the hospital with my 14 mth old daughter who had a very nasty ear infection. the thing is, i have been thinking that she has a dairy allergy but no one seems to want to help me out with it. its quite a subtle allergy which is why i think im being fobbed off, but she is always very mucousy- runny nose, cough, general cold like symptoms that never seem to go away.
my son is the same- its like they have year round colds.
both have been diagnosed with asthma- im now thinking that if i was to remove dairy from the diet completely, they would clear up, and we may find that they actually dont suffer from asthma at all.
my 14 mth old has been this way since 3 mths old, and has had several ear infections, and if she doesnt appear to have an ear infection, she is ALWAYS poking and pulling at them.
what does everyone think?
i would be appreciative of some knowledgeable feed back.
thanks guys

Kristi 5 kids.

Hi Kristi,

I understand what you mean by "nobody seems to want to help you" with regards to dairy allergies. The doctors were the same with my son when he was little and suffering consistently with ear infections and tonsilites. I should have read the signs earlier as he screamed for the first twelve weeks of his life on cows milk formula as I was unable to breast feed. None of the doctors seemed to want to listen to my concerns about diary then either! On my own back I changed him over to goats milk formula and he settled down completely. It wasn't until he was a little older and started eating cheese and yogurt and drinking cows milk that his ear infections started. After months and months of heartache and antibiotics and endless visits to doctors, I once again took it into my own hands and visited a homeopath who told me he had diary and wheat intollerances. Since I took him off diary (over 6 months ago now) he has been fine, no further bouts of ear infections or tonsilites, the only major ilness he has had since has been the gastro bug he picked up from day care. My advise to you would be give it a go (removing diary) and see how your children react to it. You could try either soy milk products or goats milk, my son was happy to have either in his cereal which was great. He was also happy with soy yoghurt but wasn't a big fan of soy cheese so he just went without cheese altogether. If he wanted to drink milk (which he rarely did) I would add a little chocolate topping to the soy or goats milk in his sippy cup and he loved it as well as making him fruit smoothies with bananas. There is also a chocolate ice cream made from soy which tastes suprisingly good! There are also calcium/vitamins you can give if you're concerned about calcium intake. I would be suprised if you didn't see a relatively quick improvement after removing diary from their diets. The way I thought about it was - removing dairy products and trying other alternatives was a much better idea than yet another dose of antibiotics in such little bodies! Its the best thing I ever did, my son has been well and happy ever since. I hope this helps!

2 year old son
Hello Kristi and Darlene!! Darlene I have been looking for you to see how your son was since you changed his diet. It is great to hear all is well. Kristi my advice is the same as Darlene's, I would try to take out as much as you can and see what happens. You have nothing to loose. We were told you will notice a difference in 3 days but in 2 weeks you will really see the difference. We have never looked back.
The other thing would be to see about a probiotic after all the anitibiotics. We thought Caleb had a nasty nappy rash but in fact he had thrush from the antibiotics and his poo was really smelling. We were told that this is caused from thrush being in his gut upsetting everything. We got the probiotics from a health food shop and it too has done wonders. Its not cheap but you only use a small amount. Also when Caleb is bitten by bugs (mozzies etc) the bite really swells and gets very inflammed. We were asked by the homeopath if this happened to him which we replied "YES". He then told us that mucus babies react to bites like that.
One of the staff members at Calebs day care today asked all about his diet and treatment. She said she has never seen anything like the way Caleb has changed since we cut out wheat and dairy.

Anyway Kristi if you decide to try it please let us know how you go. It is so sad seeing our little ones so sick!
hi darlene,

thanks heaps for your feedback, i will try them on soy and if this doesnt work, then goats milk.
i will let you know how things are in a week.
thanks again

Kristi 5 kids.

Hi Everyone,
I hope that your little cuties are doing well. I’m an absolutely terrible person as I’m so impressed with Camryn’s progress on the diet that I recommend it to anyone with recurrent toddler problems (eg. ear infections, mucus/colds, eczema, behaviour, constipation). The sanity has returned to our lives and with dietary control we have a gorgeous little girl. We had absolutely no behaviour concerns with Cam until she was 18mths old & we opened up her dietary range to include everything. Suddenly we went from having the most beautiful princess (everyone used to tell us how nice she was) to having an absolutely embarrassing bully-babe. The diet came about as my sister has had her gall-bladder removed but still suffers from excruciating pain. She would talk to her dietitian about her “problem niece who was once so gorgeous” & it was suggested that we keep a food diary for the month before we had our appointment with them. We had to wait 3mths to get in but it’s been worth it.
Within a week of being on the diet her behaviour improved. The following 2wks were pretty hard as she was having withdrawals from all the chemicals & toxins built up in her system over time. We had tantrums again, teeth-grinding, constipation problems, uncontrollable screaming, night terrors … the list goes on. I kept emailing the dietitian who was fabulous & kept pushing on through the process. Eventually she came out the other side & we were able to start the challenges.
We had no problem with the milk challenge which we did for 2wks (you only really need to do 1wk) as she started care, pre-school and other things the same week & we wanted to be sure of her reaction to the milk & not all the other things going on in her life. The going was slow as she’s a typical 2yr old who likes to sneak things & people think they’re being nice “feeding the monkey” even though we do our best to keep her on track. Sometimes the reaction can take just hours & other times they build up over days. We’re being sure to give ourselves 7 days of appropriate behaviour etc in between to ensure there’s no hang over from the previous challenge. This makes going slow but it’s working for us. My hubby has even converted his cynicism of it. I kept trying to tell him that her problems weren’t typical of a child her age but he just thought challenging her diet equated to quackery until he experienced it, and the positive changes, for himself.
Hope things are still on the up for you all,
Take care,

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

Hi Pete, I forgot to ask have your renovations finally been completed?? How is your younger daughters reflux going?
hi janeen,

thanks for ur feed back. i had a disscussion with a more knowledgable child health nurse and she said that it most definately sounds like a dairy allergy! so yesterday she had cereal with apple juice on it, and i basically kept her off all dairy the whole day. today im introducing her to world of soy! soy milk, soy ice cream, dairy free margarine.
its hard though cos you dont realise how much food has lactose in it until you cant give it to someone!!
but thats cool, cos i can say i have already seen a slight difference in her-her nose is not as runny. to me thats a huge step!!!!
i was sitting sown with a family member discussing this issue, and it came up that why was she able to tolerate a cows milk based formula all through her first year, and now she suddenly reacts to it? some brainstorming gave us a huge slap in the face when we suddenly realised that the REFLUX (silent) that she was said to have had from a week old was probably masking the fact that that she had a dairy allergy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i also realised that she has had a constant runny nose from when she was barely a week old and had been constantly mucousy since she was 3 mths old- so if those signs arent someone saying- look- over here-cant tolerate dairy-!! then i dont know what is!!
and now im angry that medical proffessionals, it seems, are too busy to try to look into the real reason a child is not well, so its easier to just generalise things into reflux, colds, asthma, adhd even!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristi 5 kids.

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