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Hi Janeen,
The last of the builder's blokes walked out of here at 8pm on Dec. 18th. I was much relieved to see the back end of them. I can't believe though that for all the hard work it's still not over. We found our 1st external leak in the 2nd last lot of rain we had (it's been dry for so long now) & my hubby refused to call the builder. We had some more heavy rain a week ago & the same leak returned but this time it went internally as well. I've pleaded with my hubby to call the builder back before all is ruined but I think that he's actually embarrassed to do it (also in case of a confrontation occurring) & is cranky about it after all the time, money & effort involved in getting it to where we are now. The extension part is completely finished now except for polishing the floors & painting outside (next year's project). My hubby is now up to attacking the ceiling in the old kitchen (now new study) & then he'll paint the room before fixing the dining room which was also affected by the extension. Once those 2 rooms are finished he'll polish the new floors & the two old affected rooms so they're all the same & then we'll get the girls' wardrobes. I suppose it's not much to speak of but with full & part-time work, 2 kids & a masters degree going between us it'll take another eternity yet. At least we can live in it while the mess goes on.
Gab's reflux isn't fixed yet. She's progressed to 2mL Zantac 3x daily & we've had a barium meal which, thankfully, showed all was normal. We now see the paed. just after her 1st birthday & hopefully we'll have weaned her off the medication, or at least reduced it, before then. She still vomits 7-8 times a day & now that she's an avid crawler, I find she vomits & then crawls through it leaving little 'snail-trails' all about the house. I'm finding that I just can't keep the floors clean anymore. Other than that the girls are just marvellous & they adore one another completely.
How's Caleb going now? Has he moved up rooms at pre-school with the biting kid or has the child moved on to a new pre-school? How's the diet going too?
Stay well,

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

Hello Peta, Glad to hear your house is in one piece. You pair sound like a glutton for punishment!!.How on earth do you find the time for every thing and then study as well??!! You must have fantastic time management skills.I have heaps of respect for student especially older ones as it is so hard to go back when you have been out of practice for so long.
Have you been reading on the site the comment that a lot of people who have reflux babies have been trying to remove lactose and it seems to have helped?? It certainly make you wonder. Caleb still has the odd moment with his reflux but not the vomiting thank god, you know what I mean by that. We went to Clark Rubber and bought a heap of rubber mats and put them all over the house for Caleb to crawl over as it was heaps easier to clean them then the carpet. I had to laugh at the snail trail but it certainly brought back memories!! I use to envy other parents at times. Caleb would have days when all he did was vomit and vomit. I constantly had people telling me he had been sick...........again. Then all of a sudden it stopped.

Caleb is still in the junior toddlers and the other guy(the bitter) is in the toddlers. Thankfully he hasnt been bitten since my last post. Although it wont be long and Caleb will be in the next room. I just hope he will be able to at least dob in the culprit if & when the time comes. He seems happy in this centre but most of the children in his room have not long come from the nursery. He is a lot bigger than the others and I wonder at times if he is bored playing with younger children. He turns 2 in July so I guess they will look at putting him up when a vacancy comes up.

Since we started Caleb on his diet he has been a whole different person. He seems so much happier in him self. We still want to go and get his hearing checked. He says mummy which could be me, his dummy or yummy. He says hot for hot things and makes the same sort of noise for horse. His behaviour has changed so much and he has not been sick in over a month which is a new record I think. But I do wonder about his hearing as you know the glue ear causes a lot of problems with this. Its been hard to get a referal as the Drs just seem to be putting it off. I am hoping to get an Drs appt next week for the referal. It will be interesting to hear what the Dr's say about the condition of his better or not. Either way the diet has made an incredible difference and he has been a really lovely little boy...
Thank you for asking, keep smiling!!
Hello mums and dads, I am going to post a few wheat free recipes in the general discussion under recipes. I thought I would let you all know incase you were looking for ideas.
Sorry guys that should be General Baby Topics and then Recipes. OOOPPPPPSSSS
hey everyone,

just an update on my daughters progress after being taken off dairy.
i went and bought some dairy free margarine, soy milk, chocolate soy milk and soy ice cream.
she wont drink soy milk- not even the flavoured milk (which i think tastes yummy!) convinces her!!!!!!!!! but thats absolutely fine by me cos my son (who i also think has a dairy allergy) LOVES the soy milk-all types so ive decided to take my other kids off dairy too.
i havent tried the ice cream yet but ive started using dairy free margarine in/on everything and not giving her anything containing lactose or milk etc.
the result? a different kid!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is happier, brighter, more energetic and most importantly, the wheeze and runny nose that my husband and i have grown sooooo used to have GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its amazing!!!!
the added bonus-my sons runny nose is gone too!
and just to prove that removing dairy from my daughters diet does work-she was slipped some chocolate today, and by the end of the day that runny nose had returned!!!!!!!!!!
so now im going to see if she will take goats milk, so that she gets some form of milk, but i was given a pamphlet on calcium rich foods and salmon, brocolli and dried apricots are high in calcium- so for snacks ive been giving her chopped dried apricots and she loves that!!
thats whats happening at present, id like to thank those that helped me out with realising the problem-the change is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristi 5 kids.

Hi Everyone,

Kristi, I'm so pleased to hear that you had success with removing diary from the diet, I'm still amazed at how far this topic has reached since I first started it in September 03! I just went back and read every one since my opening post and I think it's just fantastic that the exchange of information between mums who know their children better than any doctors has reached such great results for everyone. When I first took Riley to the homeopath over six months ago to seek answers I was sceptical about what effect the removing dairy and wheat would have but to my amazement (and subsequently others amazement as well) things improved so rapidly for him and he has been nearly 100% healthy ever since. Janeen, when I read your post dated 12 April, I was thrilled to hear that you had also had real results from a homeopath and that removing dairy has also given you back your happy healthy child!

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for responding when I initiatially posted my message and to all those thereafter who have shared those stories. Between all of us we've managed to find the answers that we needed to help our little darlings to grow and be happy, well adjusted kids. Well done to you all smile
Hi All,
I'm glad things have picked up with you all for the simple task of removing dairy from the kids' diets. We had dairy removed from Camryn's diet for months but there was no change to her condition. Thankfully she really liked rice milk & I made sure I bought her one that was calcium enriched. She drinks at least 1L of So Natural Original Rice Milk every day. You can get in in the long-life & fresh milk section of the supermarket. Even though she is allowed to have dairy in her diet again now we all still eat milk-free marg & other than yoghurt, which she craves, she has only a limited amount of cow's milk.
We've tried Gab off dairy too but unfortunately it didn't help her reflux. She is a non-typical refluxer who is thriving (she's 11Kg & only 10mths) & she just vomits & moves on. I think she's resigned herself to this being her allotment in life. She's stopped crying from it & just gets on with things.
Have to go & see to the princesses,
Enjoy your days, I'm happy to see that you all seem so healthy.

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

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