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Pulling out her own hair Rss

Help!! My 14month old daughter has just started pulling her hair out. She has always had a fascination with her hair...which was no problem...but now she is getting bald patches!

Would love to hear from any other mums who have experienced this strange habit and would welcome any advice or ideas as I cannot seem to get her to stop.

Vanessa, NSW

My 2 year old son has been pulling his hair out for quite a while now - it happens when he gets frustrated or if we tell him to stop doing something that might be a bit naughty or dangerous. It is amazing we never had to raise our voice we only had to speak to him in a normal tone and he would start pulling his hair and pulling his spit from his mouth - shouldn't laugh... it is a bit weird i don't know where he got it from. It seems to have abaited a little, maybe with his age. I tried to ignore it and ignore it. But we took a trip recently to the UK to see my family and my nephews would tell him every time in a very concerned fashion "don't pull your hair, don't pull your hair" and take his mind off it with something, i'm sure this did the trick, because he was doing it at least twice a day now its only maybe once a week. The only thing i can think of to maybe thicken the hair if you haven't already, get her a hair cut, Josh's hair came out in huge clumps when it was much finer...

Mum to Josh & Ben

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