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Advice on daycare Lock Rss

my son now 3 has started day care about a month ago. We did orientation, no problem I left him the second time for an hour. We then progressed to one morning a week, no problem he loved it but now inthe last week he has started to get sad when I'm gone, not for long but still sad then this morning he actually cried before I left, he was fine after but it's still not nice. I have now booked him in one morning and 1 full day (til around 3.30) because I thought maybe a week between visits may be too long for him to get used to it. He does love it when he's there and finds his "groove" but it's just initially ha gets sad and misses his mum. I just thought because he coped so well in the beginning he would be fine. Am I doing the right thing?

4 and grown up now

I think you are doing the right thing for many reasons. There is lots that kindy (day care) can teach your son. Things like socialising with other kids, socialising with other adults, adjusting to group activities/routines in preparation for school etc. They learn a lot more from watching and copying other kids do things, its amazing.

They say it takes all kids 8 weeks to truely settle in so expect your DS to fluctuate in his behaviour during that period. My DD goes to kindy 3 days a week and for the most part, is happy to wave good bye to me. On occasion she has a little whinge, but within 60 seconds (no word of a lie) she is over it.

Like you said - I too was told that it can take them a bit longer to adjust if going 2 or less times a week. I think its just because they have so many days inbetween going they kind of don't pick up the routine as quickly.

I know its really hard to walk away but I am sure if you ask the staff they will tell you the same thing - that they stop crying really quickly and end up enjoying their day playing with new toys and other kids. You are doing the best thing for your son as he will be able to adapt to pre school and then school a lot easier after having some exposure to life without you.

Best of luck !

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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