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Which thermometer? Lock Rss

I have a Braun ear thermometer which is not giving me a reliable reading (35 to 38, all within 5 mins). Probably been dropped too many times and beeped to death by DS.

I need to get a new one. Which do you use and is it reliable. What is good and not so good about it? Did my old one not work because of me or was it the brand? My GP says Braun is the most relaible way (the stick in the ear way) but I want to know what other's think about it. What about the one's that are placed near the forehead and the one's you place on the forehead. Are they good? My GP says that if it is not in contact with the body you have to deal with other factors such as circulating air and the place on the forehead one's take time to give a reading as you have to wait for it to reach the maximum temp (like you do when you use the stick under the arm one).

Please help!!!

Mum to Aidan 20 Jan 04 and Georgia 10 Nov 05

I use to only use the ones you stuck under their arms and wait for it to beep and it took forever and most of the time my child would be struggling to get it out so it was very hard to do, so I invested in the Braun Digital one you place in the ear and I love it, I have never had a problem with it.

I have a Vicks Ear Thermometer and have had trouble with the readings as well. I used it the other night when my son had a fever and it was reading 33 degrees! Way too low, I then resorted to the normal thermometer under the armpit (not an easy task with a 13 month old) and it read 39.4 degrees. I will never purchase another ear thermometer again, they are a waste of money!
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