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Worried Mum Lock Rss

I am a little concerned with the way my son has been acting since being in daycare, I'm not sure how to deal with his moodyness and he ignores me when I speak to him! Do you think he may be objecting because I'm not around enough now? Jacob is almost three and he can be very wilful at times almost what I would be expecting from a teenager not someone so small do any other parent have any suggestions?

Happy Mum

I know how frustrating this is as my son who has just turned 3 can also be very ignorant and I have a friend with twin boys 4 in October and they also can be like this. All three boys do go to daycare but I think it just a stage they are going through. I find that if Jack isn't taking any notice ie. watching telly or playing I will turn of the tv or take his toy away to make him acknowledge me and he responds to me. I will sometimes get him to repeat what I have said so I know it has sunk in. I also try very hard not to ignore him when he is talking to me. But really I think its a genetic male thing as my husband can just shut off to what is going on around him!

4 and grown up now

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