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Lion King, movies etc. Lock Rss

Hi everyone-
my 2 1/2 year old loves to watch a movie when we get home from daycare or whatever we've been doing that day, and I find it's an excellent way for her to wind down and it also gives me a chance to cook dinner, tidy up etc. Her very favourite is Shrek, either 1 or 2, which I don't really mind, except that she literally wants to watch it every day. I've tried a few other movies just to break the monotony, but she always asks for Shrek. The other day I put the Lion King on for her, which she really enjoyed. Now here's my question- it's years since I've seen the Lion King and I was quite surprised by how graphic it is, especially the bit where the father is killed. I actually had a tear in my eye it was so sad. Ok, tears were actually falling down my cheeks! It may have been an emotional moment for me, but it didn't upset her at all. Do you think I should allow her to watch the Lion King? Do you think it's too upsetting for a toddler? It's a kids movie, but I think it's a bit full on for little ones. Just wondered what other mum's opinions are on this movie. Looks like it's back to Shrek in our house for now.

Ellie, NSW, DD 3 yrs & TTC # 2

That is such a good question. I totally can't cope with sad movies since having DD so basically, we don't watch them. I can't even cope with a sad TV add - how pathetic is that (lol) !!! I'm finding it hard to know what to do with this one myself. I don't want to wrap DD in cotton wool by any means, but not sure at what age it is appropriate to expose them to things like you described in the Lion King movie. I remember as a kid seeing "Watership Down" - not sure any-one else remembers that one with the animated rabbits (and that sad, sad song 'bright eyes'). My gosh, I'm sad even thinking about it and haven't seen it in like 15 years. Just thought of another one, when Bambi's mum died - oh so sad.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

My son who is three also loves to watch a movie to wind down, I recenlty bought some new ones, Lion King was included in these, I sat and watched it with him like I do the first time he watches a new movie and I also had the same thoughts as you. I actually turned it off after the father died as some of the scenes are quite scarey and up until 6 months ago he wouldn't even watch Toy Story as Buzz scared him but now he loves it. He said he was ok with Lion King but their little minds can sometimes work overtime so I've decided to leave it for a bit linger til we watch it again. Saying that, every child reacts to things differently.

4 and grown up now

Thanks for your great replies. I don't want to get too paranoid about censoring what she watches, and my daughter does have some understanding of death, but I think I'll leave the Lion King for now. It may sound silly, but I don't want her to watch something so sad, when she is too young to put it into context. I bought a Bug's Life yesterday, but we only made it halfway through it before dinner. Hopefully no one's parent gets thrown from a cliff then trampled to death by wilderbeasts like in the Lion King!!!
Thanks again to everyone!

Ellie, NSW, DD 3 yrs & TTC # 2

Hi Ellie,
Remember most important of all, kids view things completely different to how we view things. I watch a lot of the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" TV Series DVDs and was concerned about watching these around my son (now 2). I checked with my CHN but she said it would be ok since their cognitive imagination didn't start developing till they were two and a half. This didn't sound right to me so I asked the other Mums what they thought at Playgroup. They had different comments but mainly they all agreed that kids seem to get scared at things that we wouldn't initially think about. One Mum did mention that her kids were terrified of dogs and it had come from them being afraid of the hyenas on Lion King. Another said her child was afraid of the Bear in the Big Blue House! So, you see you can't always pick what your child will be afraid of. One Mum suggested the "Barbie" movies of Cinderella etc - she said her little girl loves them (age 3)
As it is my son Matty watches just about anything, and doesn't seem to suffer from nightmares (yet!). He loves The Wiggles DVDs, and Toy Story, but is not so interested in Lion King (it's a very boring story for the littlies!) he seems to like Nemo (though fastforward through the first scene where the barracuda eats the Mum!) and Babe but other than that he seems to just play while the TVs on, doesn't really watch it. If in doubt put on Play School (3.30pm weekdays ABC) - it's a winner everytime!!!! Good on ya Aunty!
Good luck with your little one,

Jess, Eneabba WA, Matthew (2004) & Beccy (2007)

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