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kidney problems in babies Rss

my youngest son 19months has only one kidney . can any one relate?

donna QLD

Hi Donna,

I couldn't believe it when I read your post. My daughter is 14.5 months old and she only has her right kidney. I was beginning to think we were the only ones in the world with this problem. We didn't find out until she was 7 months old, not through health problems thank goodness. She had an MRI because she has other problems as well and they were checking her pelvis and spine and it was picked up then that she didn't have a left kidney. This was a major shock to us. We had known since birth of her other problems (ie dislocated left hip and left club foot) but finding out that one of her organs was missing just blew me out of the water. The specialist we were seeing and many other doctors have all told me that you can live on one kidney just fine. It still didn't make me feel much better mind you.

I would really like to know the circumstances of your little boy. Was he born without a kidney or did he have to have it removed? And does he have any other problems to go with it or not? Did your 18 week ultrasound show that he had both kidney's or only one. Mine showed 2 kidneys, but it has been reviewed after we found out and they can't be 100% sure, but they think it may have been her adrenal gland instead of the kidney. Mind you, her club foot wasn't picked up either. So much for ultrasounds!! I would really love to hear from you. Hope you can reply soon.

Kirrillea, mum of 2

hey im 18 and my baby boy is 18 months old now and as u would all no ya have like a 20 week oultra sound and my sons kidney problem was picked up then. I was told by my doc that it was nothink but after he was bourn we had a second oppinion to later find out when he was 10 days old that his tubes from his kidneys were developed proplery. He then had test after test and found out it needed to be opperated on he was opperated on in december he was 7 months old. Everythink went fine and we were given the all clear in may this year 2004. During my pregancy i did everythink right that i knew of or red or been told but these things just happen. All the best for anyone out there that have the same problem. oxox

natasha, S.A, nearly 3 year old boy

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