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Update -'won't stop touching herself' Rss

I took her to the 'child and youth mental health' last week. They don't think that I should be too concerned about her touching herself. She has stopped doing it as much and lately has been telling us 'no naughty' so maybe the message is getting through. They did also say that it is possible she has strong sexual feeling already if her mother is a nympho. It is possible when exploring she discovered how good it felt and got worse. They did also say we shouldn't have ignored her when she started to do it, we should have deterred her gently right from the start. We thought if we gave her attention it would make her worse and it did, but she is getting the message now and that is the main thing.
She is going to be having on going assessment for her temper tantrums though as they seemed to be very concerned about the fits of rage she flies into when she is told NO or if she is not getting her own way when playing with other children.
Thankyou again everyone for your advice and support. I will have many more questions of advice in the future though as I really do respect everyday Mums advice just as much as the experts as we are the ones living this everyday and not just learning through books.


Hi Beckie,
I am so happy that things seem to be getting better for you. I hope the child mental health people are helpful and supportive. Let me say on behalf of the mums out there who didn't reply to your first post, but read along with concern, how amazing a person we think you are for taking neice into your home & heart. She is a lucky little girl to have someone like you to love her & look after her.
I wish you all the very very best, Kellie.

Kellie, mum to Emily 4yo, and Jack 21mths

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