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Teething and tosillitus Lock Rss

We've had the week from hell. Our 19mth old started diarrhea and vomiting late Monday which was to continue through to Wednesday where I took him to a GP who diagnosed gastro and gave him a maxalon injection (with maxalon oral and some 'bum-plug' to follow). Come Thursday the situation had continued to deteriorate (despite GP intervention) and with hot weather we presented at hospital. We were admitted with bub quite dehydrated and within hours had an IV in and rehydration therapy started. Trouble is....vomiting and diarrhea still continued. Friday afternoon hospital doctor saw him and quickly diagnosed tonsilitus (from erupting molars) and commenced anti-biotics. Within hours of anti-biotics, our little man started to improve. The pus from his tonsils had been posioning him! He came home with me yesterday - what a relief! I had never read or heard of tonsilitus resulting from teething - is this common? 'Funny' enough, our neice down South also experienced tonsilitus through teething (this week too) but fortunately it was diagnosed early and she responded quickly to anti-biotics.
In hospital, staff were amazed at the initial GP's choice to go for a maxalon injection. Has anyone experienced this. Also, how soon do they tolerate dairy following such an episode? My little man just wants his 'bot-bot' (with milk NOT water!!).

Louise, Finlay (4 Feb, 02), Mackenzie (18 Jan, 06)


I know you wrote this a while ago now and you're little one is well and truley over his bout of tonsilites. What a terrible ordeal. I can't believe your GP didn't even look in his throat on your first visit to check his tonsils??? My son has had three bouts of tonsilities and three ear infections since his first birthday and he's now 17 months old. Each time he's had doses of antibiotics which have in the long run done him more harm than good. Lowering his immune system and damaging his gut and small intestine. I've just discovered he has a high intollerance to diary products boarderlining alergy and also wheat and yeast intolerances. I've given up on the doctors and took him to a homoeopath, who worked wonders with him. I am now in the process of changing his diet and he is a new little boy. He is off cows milk products all together which has made a huge difference.
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