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Hair Pulling Lock Rss

I am intersted if any out there has experieced their child pulling their own hair out of the scalp. I have a 2 year old who has done so much damage to her once thick curly hair. She seems to pull it when she is in bed or sitting in the car, mainly times when I am am unable to stop her. I have made her aware that it is not good to do it but don't know what else to do to try to stop her. Does any one have any information on this or have experienced this problem?
Hi mum3, my Aunty did this when she little. She used to have bald patches all over her head my mum said. She was in home as they were abandoned by their mother so she was under extreme stress and that was the cause. A friend of mine still does pull out her hair to this day. Yet again for her it is a stress thing. Its gets so bad she even does it in her sleep and wakes up with big patches of hair on her pillow. At one stage she had to wear a wig to hide the bald patches and to try to stop herself from doing it. She has tried everything from hypnosis to medication. Somethings ease it but it never goes away for her. I am not too sure at what age she started to do this. Would your daughter be worried about day care of something or perhaps just separation anxiety. Has there been a big change in her life some how? I dont know. Maybe its just a bad habit she has picked up and doesnt know how to stop like chewing your nails. If it is like my Aunty and my friend there is a medical term for it. Perhaps you could mention it to your GP to see what they suggest. Good luck.
Thanks for the info. Someone else I know suggested stress. So I just have to get to the source of the stress. I will see the GP.
Thanks again
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