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watching TV Rss

just wondering if anyone can give me some advice or sort of warning...

i used to devote my whole day to my 16 mth old boy, playing with him, reading him books, singing and dancing till i get exhasted (!), taking him out to playground etc...

but this week i was so tired and so wanted to watch real TV! not those wiggles things!
so i let tv on from about 6 to 7.30 or 8, watching news, current affairs and those stuffs.
while im watching, my boy plays on his own with his toys or explores the kitchen or climbing my body, and isn 't really interested in tv except ads. (he loves the energizer ads :-0)

i know tv is definitely NO Good for kids and i feel guilty about that, and also sorry to my boy for not paying full attention to him,
but its soooo nice to watch those interesting stuffs, (it was like a little treat for myself) and i think i would go on with this new routine for some while..

does anyone out there watch tv in the evening and let kids watch it with you? (whether or not they really "watch")

ida, NSW, 16mth baby

We let him watch some things because he's not all that interested but the tv goes off before the smutty ads come on if I can help it! Funny, I've been wondering lately "How much is TOO much Elmo or Wiggles?" coz he seems to love watching it over and over and I must admit it 's nice when he sits there quietly watching, but I don't want to fall into the trap of having Elmo & the Wiggles as 'babysitters' coz I've let it make me lazy. Will definitely watch this one for what other mums think about tv and their kids, thanx ida.

28yo punk rock mum of Aidan (19m)

Hi Ida,

My husband and I have also done alot of reading and worry too about the amount of time our DD should be watching TV. I believe that they say any TV before the age of two is not good for them at all, but in the real world I just don't know that this is all that realistic. We make it a habit not to turn the TV on at all during the day. We all eat dinner at the table at night with the radio on because I love DD listening to as many different varieties of music as we can provide. She then watches her Brainy Baby DVD for 45 minutes and I will have my shower while hubby plays the guitar. After this we put the TV on to what ever rubbish plays at 6:30ish. DD goes to bed at 7 so I don't worry about this 1/2 hour too much. I know what you mean though. I have Wednesdays off and I can't tell you how tempting it is to turn the TV on when Ellen is on. I love her and think she is so funny but I try not to because I don't want DD staring at it. As you both said, its amazing how little interest she actually shows in the TV anyway. She has more fun turning the power on and off than actually watching it. I say keep up your new routine. Maybe if your little boy starts getting glued to it it might be time to change things again but if he is happily playing with his toys with the occassional glance at the TV I don't think its a big deal. Lets be honest, mummies need some normal things sometimes too.

I hope this helps.

Karen, NSW, 1 baby girl

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