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any toddler activity over weekend Lock Rss

Just wondering does any mom knows anysort of activity I can do with my 25 months old dd so that she meet some other children of her age.......I know swimming could be one of them ..but will try that in few months time but any other idea/ I have checked that no playgroup operates here in Canberra over the weekend.As we both work fulltime, and dd stays home with my mom, weekend is the only time we can do some sort of activities . we don't have any friends who has young kids.and I fell like dd needs to spend sometime with othe rkids of her age. I have been looking for baby gym in canberra couldn't find one.Any suggestion would be very helpful.
I'm not sure what newspapers you have in Canberra but both major melbourne newspapers have columns on certain days with activities for children and quite often the activities are either free or under $10. Things like theatre in the park, craft sessions, cartoon screenings etc, there's usually something on. I hope you can find the Canberra equivalent coz it's been v.helpful for me coz I don't know a lot of other mums who can clue me in on that sort of thing. There's also a free mag in Melb that they stock at some baby clothes/accessory stores called "Melbourne's Child" with lots of those kinds of things, again I dunno but maybe there's an equivalent where u are? Anybody know precisely where to look for the other states?

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