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Now refuses baths & showers Rss

My two year old son used to love his baths but in the last few weeks has freaked out completey around water. He screams when I try and give him a bath and cries when I take him in the shower. I don't know what has triggered his sudden fear. We've tried toys, coloured water, bath mates, bribery etc. but nothing can get him to have a bath. Any ideas???

Nadina - Mother of 2 yr old Joshua

Why don't you fill up the bath and take him into the bathroom and when he sees the bath and freaks ask him what's wrong and be sypathetic and he might point to what scares him. But I would probably try getting in the bath myself and being relaxed and let him stand beside the bath with no intention on putting him in and let him see your in there and there's nothing to be scared of and splash a little, giggle, play with his toys and he might eventually come round smile it may take you a few goes but he might need to see a few times that mummies in there and she's not scared.
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