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Hi everyone.

I was wondering does anyone know what is the best breed of dog for a 2 yr old that is also going to provide security for my house? He has been around dogs before and he loves them so now i want to get him a puppy to grow up with.

I have heard that Golden Retrievers are good with kids and also Kings Charles Cavelier, for security The retriever would probably have more of an impact. But I also feel it depends on the individual dog. Talk to a lot of people with different breeds and kids and they will tell you they are great.

If I were you I would get some advice from maybe a vet or a dog trainer. A lot of it comes down to how the child treats the dog. We have a border collie which unfortunatly does not like kids as hse had a bad experience with a friends child when she was two and doesn't seem to have forgotten it.(She's ten now) So we have had to put a fence to split our back yard in two - 1/2 for our three year old and 1/2 for our dog. This works great for us as we know that they are both safe from each other, and it has also taught our son to respect and be wary of all dogs.

Good luck


4 and grown up now

My family and I have a purebred German Shepherd Female. The dog is 4.5 years old and our son just turned three and they get along really well. As for security - ask yourself - if you were going to rob a place, would you pick a house that had a german shepherd or a chihauhau or no dog at all? (No offence to those that love chihauhaus or other small dogs.....LOL). I would suggest going to a reputable breeder though - if you can see the canine parents, you can get a good idea of the puppy's temperament. If a purebred dog is out of your financial reach (they are expensive), go to the RSPCA or other reputable dog shelter - explain what you want (a dog that is good with your kids, with a good temperament and will act as a deterrent security wise). The staff at RSPCA will a healthy dog with a suitable temperament or personality to suit your family.

James' Mum

As alot of the other posts have said it is definitely a good idea to meet the parents of any pup you are considering buying if possible. We met our Boxers mum and she was just beautiful. I was so against getting a big dog to start with and I thought Boxers were the ugliest things I had ever seen but after meeting her and seeing how gentle she was I couldn't wait to bring our new puppy home. Any good breeder should be more than happy for you to meet the mum of the puppy.


Karen, NSW, 1 baby girl


We have a golden retriever and a labrador and they are both fantastic with our 20 month old. I wanted my son to grow up with dogs and not be afraid of them. My parents have 2 enormous old english sheepdogs (wouldnt recommend for kids) and my inlaws have 2 retrievers, so he is always going to be around dogs. Nothing worse than a kid that cries and screams whenever a dog walks by!

Our labrador sits on the couch (!) and our son climbs on him and pats and open mouth kisses him constantly. Its gorgeous and gross! I have taught him to pat gently and hopefully not pull tails/ears etc. I am also trying to instill in him to be weary of other dogs and approach them gently and with a closed back of the fist first. I also ask the owners if the dog is ok with kids and is it ok for my son to pat them.

I have read however, that it is not recommended to get a dog until the child is about 6 yo, so then the child will always be taller and bigger than the dog and not down at their level to get trampled and at that age they will understand how to treat them. Bit hard for a baby or toddler to understand about hurting and pulling tails etc.

Good luck choosing your puppy!

Ethan 22 months SA

Oh and I sooooooooooo wouldn't recommend either of mine as a guard dog. Unless licking to death is form of punishment!

My retriever sounds effective but a big softy, and my labrador weighs about 40kg, so he could knock them over????

Ethan 22 months SA

I ahve heard that Misty Spaniels are really good with kids, they are really plasid and quite a large dog still..... I am looking into getting one, soemthing different from a pomeranian....
If you really want a guard dog than Rottweilers are great and (as many other people have said) if you can find a good breeder and check out mum AND dad of the pups that's the best thing you can do. Rotti's are extremely intelligent (so need to be trained right from day one but they pick it up very quick) but can be very gentle too. I know a lot of you are thinking I'm crazy for suggesting a Rotti but they really don't think they are dogs!! They think they are human too!! My 5 year old rotti is so good with my 14 month old son. he just lies there and lets him do whatever he wants...pulling ears, climbing all over him and he doesn't bat an eye lid. If Jeb is getting a bit rough or annoying my rotti just hops up and walks away. Once my Rotti does "go to a better place" I will either get another or go back to Staffishire Bull Terriers. They too are very big people (and other animals for that matter) dogs and despite their size, are also very good guard dogs. I don't recommend BullMastiffs but!! DH has one and even though he's a good dog and great guard dog, they aren't the smartest animal known...hehehe!! They are also a bit clumsy and with their size (ours is about 60kg!!) not good around little kids. Also have a look on the web for a "puppy matching" site. I think off the top of my head the RSPCA has something like it? If not I know there's one out there somewhere where you put in your family requirements for a pet ie. time you have spare a week for grooming, exercise and family members ages etc. Good luck smile
hi we have a german shepherd and are getting a second one... i believe that these dogs are one of the best dogs for kids and for some sort of garding the house hold as the german shepherd was originally used as a dog to help blind people and it is also used as a cattle dog to round up the sheep but i do think it's would be a good idea to go talk to a vet and keep in mind dog are like human they can be unpredictable be careful when chosing ur puppy
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