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Bathing.. is there an easy way..? Rss

My 10 1/2 month old has outgrown her bath seat (the lay down type)so we are now just sitting her in the bath tub to bath her.
Only problem is she doesnt stay!!
She tries to crawl in the bath, stand up, roll over so she can lie on her belly, get toys.. i am sure u get the drift.
Just wondering if there is a solution to my problem? I am having trouble bathing her as she is constantly on the go!
Any ideas would be appreciated. We have looked into the bath seats that the baby sits in but it says from 5-10mths so it would be a waste.
Hi There
I'll admit we bought a baby bath seat (a lie down type) when we first had my boy (now 3), but we rarely used it. I guess what you are worried about is your daughter slipping in the bath while she is crawling etc, so my only suggestion would be to get one of those rubber non-slip bath mats for the bottom of the bath. Hope all goes well.........

James' Mum

Hi darkandstormy

Kaitlyn is 13 months old and has been in the bath without her bath buddy since she was about 9 months. I bought a non slip mat for the bottom of the bath and just let her go for it. It can be very nerve racking and I don't let her get up onto her knees and hang on to the side because her knees can still slip out from beneath her. I actually find it easy to bath her, easier access to the bot bot region when she is crawling around in there and she totally loves it. They don't really end up that dirty at the end of the day so a wipe over is all she ever really needs. I try to do all the cleaning as soon as I put her in and then she just plays until it is time to get out.

Karen, NSW, 1 baby girl

I never had a bath seat for my daughter and when we started to bath her in the big bath all we did was hold her while she was standing in the bath and wash her while she was sitting down and that keep her happy and now she is 15 months old and she loves the bath.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Hi there

I used to sit in the bath with bub but he was getting so wriggly and squirmy & then hubby had to be there to get him out, dry him etc. So then I decided to put him sitting up in his little plastic baby bath inside the big bathtub and I sit beside him on the floor and bathe him that way. It works brilliantly! He loves sitting there like a big boy and because the little tub is cosy he can't slip over & doesn't even try to stand up or roll over. He absolutely loves bathtime and it is so much easier for me because when he's ready I just pick him up myself and off we go.

When we first had bub I bought one of those layback bath seats with the suction cups but we never used it!

Tracy, QLD, Nathaniel born 27 June 2005

I have been there and done that with my little girl and the only resolution to your question that I found worked for me is to start and put her in the shower with you or your husband. My little girl did this from the age of 11 months and and we can't keep her out. She sometimes decides to have a bath. It depends on what takes her fancy at the time! You should give it a try. I think you'll find she will just sit on the floor of the shower and have a play with some bath toys that you put in there for her to play with.

Kelly, mum to BJ, 18 months

Oh yeah, one thing I forgot to mention is that we have a non-slip bath mat that fits neatly on the floor of the shower so when she decides to stand up, she doesn't fall and slide over!

Kelly, mum to BJ, 18 months

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