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12 mnth old going ballistic... Rss

Can anyone please tell me,why my son has such a HUGE fear of me going to the toilet?
Is he afraid i'm gonna go in their one day,and just NOT COME OUT AGAIN? I mean, this is how he acts,evertime i try and go to the toilet. Even with me reassuring him the whole time im in there,that im right here,and i'll be right out..he stilll goes off his nut!
If i let him in with me, he tries to climb up my pants,and makes things very hard for me (u know, standing up,wiping,pulling up pants etc!!)
It drives me crazy..specially seeing as im 37 weeks pregnant,and needing to pee all the time!
I cant believe its seperation anxiety,as i can go into other rooms,and hes happy to continue playing with his toys or whatever..its just when i go to the loo?? Wierd,i know!!
Oh,and the last few weeks, he's started going off his dial,whenever i go in the kitchen..mainly when im doing something at the sink! He'll stand between me and the sink,and bawl and just go off the tree! Its gotten to the point,where i have to wait till hes asleep b4 i can do any dishes, make up his bottles,or prepare dinner!!

Is it just my son, or has anyone else been/going thru this,with their young'ns??

If you've been thru it, how did u solve the problem?

Any advice would be great..its driving me balmy!

thanks- Raych

I have a 16 month old that stands between me and the dishes and wants me to pick her up. I just say I can't baby i'm busy and then I'll start drying and include her she loves trying to wipe the plates with me.

She's not as bad as your bub but she does have her moments. smile
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