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Pneumococcal Vaccine Lock Rss

Hi there,

Has anyone organised their child/ren to be vacinated with the "Prevnar" vaccine?

Caitlyn has reccently had her first of 2(?) and had a medium sort of reaction - around where she had the shot was red and swollen for a few days and was sore to touch. She had a temp for about 24 hrs but this was easier controlled with Paracetamol.

I was just wondering if anyone else had had this shot and if so what sort of reaction (if any) did they have?


Donna, Qld, 18 mth old Baby Girl

Hi, my daughter had her first shot a couple of days ago without any side effects, a little red at the site but that's all. I thought that once your child was 18months, you only need one shot? Anyway I am sure the doctor would have told you how many she needs.

Amanda,VIC,mum to Emily 4 & Alyssa 20months

Yes that is true ... but unfortunately she was 17mths old when I took her *eyes rolling* and the nurse said that she would need the second booster ... It was only a couple of weeks or so. I am seriously thinking of skipping it.

Glad to hear your little one is doing well smile


Donna, Qld, 18 mth old Baby Girl

My son had the vaccine a couple of weeks ago and will have the second in about six weeks. He didn't have any reaction but with some of his other vaccinations he also got a red lump at the site which stayed for a couple of weeks. The doctor explained to me before he gave the vaccinations this may occur and it was quite common and not a problem so you don't have anything to worry about.

My babies are all grown up sad

my daughter had it a few weeks ago, before she turned 2 and the next day she vomited after having her milk in the morning and the area on the arm where she had it was red and a little lumpy, but this went down in a day or so. Having had all the other immunisations in the past, she had never had any side effects what so ever from them, so when she vomitted the next day after having this one, I would have put it down to the immunisation as it was unusual of her to vomit like she did, but she was as happy as happy can be after she vomited, so no lasting side effects from the immunisation.

Mel, SA

We had our twins vaccinated at 13 months a few weeks ago and they were fine. Similar experience to Cailtyn with the injection sight being hard and sore to touch. Definately glad we got their needles though.


Thanks everyone for getting back to me - It is worry with all of the " horror stories" that you hear out there about vaccinations ... and I personally would rather know that my little girl is protected than not.

Cheers & best wishes to you all,

Donna, Qld, 18 mth old Baby Girl

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