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Car sickness? Lock Rss

hi well i have a 21 mth old daughter who has only recently started to get car sick only got it a couple times and we didnt know what it was from just thought she might have abit of a bug but now it happens all the time she just goes white and starts grizzling and then vomits everywhere it seems to be getting worse as she gets abit older like sometimes she is only in the car for 5 mins and is already feeling sick. Does anyone have any ideas of what could help i went to the chemist but they wouldnt give me nothing cause she was under the age bracket as i was going to get her one of them band things do they work? or any other tips on how to control this? thanx Nat
I know woth my 8 yr old who has been car sick since birth that the only thing that would work was phenergon, I am not sure on the age limit but check with you chemist or GP first.
Other than that leaving the window down and trying not to use airconditioning seemed to help him too.

Jane, sydney, tyler(5mths) Jaycob (8yrs)

hey poor thing. how much does she weigh! as soon as she is two she can take liquid medication starts with D from the chemist ill find out the name. also there are bracelets you can get now for children. and peppermint which you can connect onto the airvents there not to powerful in scent . i use all this as all my children get travel sickness.

good luck!
Hi Nat, how are you and the going??
Well if you can go to a health food shop as they may have somethink for you that may help. As there isnt much you get for kids under the age of 2yrs. 1 tip is that when she is in the car can she see out the front window at all this may help her if she can so they she can see where she is and going.
Most people that suffer from this need to sit in the front so they know and can see where they are going, I know she is too young to be in the front but in she is in the middle of the back seat this may help but if it gets too much worse then may have to go to the docs and see if they prescribe somethink for her. Did this stop you for going over to SA?
Chat soon .
My son started getting car sick when he was 1.1/2 yrs - it ended up being only when he was teething!

My sil used to place a bandaid over her sons belly button and put one of those hanging rubber strip things that touch the road when you drive on the car as well.

Ginger ale and ginger biscuits are also good.


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Hi all and thanx for yuor replys.
Di i have lost your e-mail address again all i have is the old one i have been going to send an e-mail for ages but havent been able to find your addy can you plz leave it here for me? no our holiday didnt work out as my lil nephew got chicken pox so we couldnt go glad we didnt as all i would of needed was the kids getting them so hopefully soon we will get over there and we will meet up somewhere dont worry i will let you know when we decide to go soon as jay gets more holidays now which wont be for a lil while yet.
So how are you kids doing? my two are growing fast caprice can be a handful but laylen is sleeping straight through the night all this week so happy with that but he starts to sleep and then caprice starts to play up again so i cant win either way lol.
well send you an e-mail soon as i get your address sorry i havent caught up with you in ages do you still go on msn much?
anyway better run takecare. thanx again everyone hopefully i find something soon to help this car sickness thing.
I wouldnt recommend phenergon (sp) as it is a seditive. Try putting some pepermint oil on a cotton bud near the airvents, its great coz not a sedative, not medicine, makes the car smell great and can be used on small and long trips, and heaps cheap. Works a treat.
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