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Throwing Toys and Other Objects Lock Rss

Hi Mums

Just wondering if anyone has any tips on how to stop my 16 month old daughter throwing her toys and other objects.

She does it quite a lot and at first it was just her mini soccer ball which we didn't mind cos we were showing her how to throw and catch, but now she throws just about everything - and hard!

I am due to have a baby in a few weeks and I want to put and end to this so that she doesn't throw anything at the baby and hurt him/her.


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Hi Kristi, when my daughter tried this we'd give her 2 warnings and if she threw it again we'd take it away ... pretty soon she realised if she kept doing it, she'd have no toys left and she did stop doing it. I think it's just a phase but you do have to control it ... especially with a new bub on the way.

Hope this helps, and good luck with the new baby!

Jaida (6), Ameli (2) & Lacey (2mths) - SA

Hi Kristi,

Is it a "I've learned to throw, look how good I am" or a "I'm being a little brat, crush, kill destroy"?

If it is an attempt to show off new skills, just gently try to show her that some things are for throwing (balls) some are not. Not an easy feat with a little one, but she will catch on.

When Jordan throws his toys in a mini tantrum way, I make him put them in the "hurt toy bin" which is a plastic storage box, and he is not allowed to play with it again until the next day. When we started this, it was full every day, but now it is empty most of the time. It's not fun losing your favourite toy for the day.

It's good to see you wanting to get this under control before the new bub arrives, and with a bit of "sticking to your guns" you should have it sorted in time.
Good luck!
It may also be easier to set the rules of not throwing *anything* in the house. Even the soft balls are an outside game. That way there will be no confusion about what can and can't be thrown.

Good luck with the new bub too by the way!
My girl is the same she is neally 2, and as much disiplane i give her when im not looking she will still throw, i have a 4mths old premmie babay and she often at times has hit him with her toys, she has an older brother which i think he, stirs her up which makes her throw too.
I scare her more than anything when she throws things, like let out a high pitch squel, anything to give her a frighting rection to what she has done,most of the time it makes her cry cause i scared her, but it is slowly working, i just can not stop her throwong things, when im not loooking.
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