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Drinking dog's water Lock Rss

Hi there,

My 2yo has always played in the dog's water bowl which is a bit annoying but I can deal with it. But lately he has started drinking the water and then either swallowing it or spitting it back in - gross!!

Does anyone have any suggestions to get him to stop it? I've tried explaining that it's for the dogs and if he sits in it or puts sand in it will make the dogs sick but he just keeps on doing it. Time out is so far useless for this one!

Hubby and I have racked our brains trying to come up with a kid proof way of giving the dogs water without him being able to access or empty the bowl. I'm a bit worried in summer when the baby comes I'll forget to check it a couple of times a day to make sure the poor dogs actually have some water!
Any help is much appreciated!
Such tasty water. I don't know why I don't drink it myself. I have tried telling my daughter that if the dogs have no water because she has tipped it out, played in it or tried to drink it they will get very thirsty and be so very sad.
Hasn't worked 100% but it is better than it was. I also have a few other containers floating around hoping that if she tips out the water then they won't go thirsty.
Not safe but she leaves those ones alone because they are not near a tap. Tap = play in water


My daughter does the same, drinks the dogs water. Im sorry i cant give any advice, as i dont know what to do either. I just keep saying 'no', giving her her own water, and then mopping up the mess. She ony does it because its fun for her i think. So you are not alone! Im interested to see what ideas other mums have come up with, or if munchkins just outgrow the fasination smile

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