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The Dangers of Baby Powder Lock Rss

I thought that I should share this artical I found. I had not heard of this until recently, so I started searching and have found heaps of information. Then I asked everyone else I knew, and most already knew of this. I felt pretty bad after reading all of this, so I thought Id share it round for those who are interested. I have quoted nearly word for word and included a bibliography of where I found it and where they obtained their information from.

Both the American Cancer Society as well as the National Cancer Institute caution women that regular use of talc has been seen to increase the risk of ovarian cancer.
Talcom powder/baby powder is produced from talc, a magnesium trisilicate mineral, which in its natural form may contain asbestos, a know human carcinogen. Because of this all home-use talcum products marketed after about 1973 have been required by law to be asbestos-free.
It has been suggested that talcum powder may be carcinogenic to the covering layer of the ovaries through migration of powder particles (applied to the genital area through nappy changes) throught the vagina, uterus, and falopian tubes to the ovary.
Cornstarch is a good alternative to talc as the body can digest cornstarch. Talc on teh other hand, is a mineral. Its mined from the earth and the body has a difficult time removing it.
Quoted from Healthy Habitat
American Journal of Obstetrics and gynecology 2000;182:720-724
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I heard or read this as well, but heard a follow up interview with a doctor who claimed that because the hymen is still intact in a baby/ little girl it does not matter. Don't know how correct this is, and can't remember the Dr's name, but thougt it worth adding. Luckily i have 2 boys!

Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

hmmmm havent heard that bit, but even still I will definatly be staying away from it. No point taking chances on something so serious.
I have never used powder as it can also be harmful if a baby inhales it when it is being put on. It can cause them to suffocate and I was never going to take that chance!

My babies are all grown up sad

Exactly. Its amazing all the things out there which are still being sold and marketed with little or no warnings on them. Its scary really.
Walkers are known to be dangerous but are still being sold and people still buy them, same with bath seats. I never went down either of those routes, but I know many who have and still will. I just wouldnt take the chance. Life is too precious to let convenience rule over safety in my opinion.
I knew about the fact that talc was a carcinogen for women's ovaries and I thought that when my children were born I would not use it on them either as I did not want them breathing it in so I have never used it. Talc is crap, but it is still marketed to women and babies. The fact that it once could have contained asbestos shocks me and yet back in the day mothers sprinkled a bit of DDT on head lice and the like, scary stuff but back then, who knew?
I know, there is constantly more and more information and new studies done. IT is pretty hard to keep up really. For this reason I have gone back to the more natural and basic ways of doing things for my daughter and have cut out sodium laurel sulfate and other nasties from as many products as I can.
When it comes to nappy rash, the best two products I have found are camimile tea (weak, and sprayed on the bottom. its both cooling, calming and gets rid of sore red skin) or paw paw ointment. Fab stuff really.
I also use paw paw ointment and I think it's the best. A lot better than the other hundreds of creams and lotions on sale and clears nappy rash up over night.
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