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Bathing a 15 months old girl Lock Rss

I would like to find out how and where do you bath your toddler everyday. I still bath my 15 months old daughter in the baby bath (with a stand on it). I think she is growing out it soon as she is 11 kgs already and very active in her bath time and usually the bathroom is 'flooded' after the bath.

Lucy, mum to Stephanie-12/11/03

HI stephaniesmum,

I bath my 15mth old in our bath. I use a bath mat so he doesn't slip and he is always standing up and walking around it but with the bath mat i have not had any problems. He likes it when i leave the tap running a bit and plays with the water pouring out.

To get him use to the big bath I first started by getting in with him and then had to get dad to help get him out (then i just close the door and stay in........)

My boys have both been in the big beth from around 4 months. The baby bath hurt my back too much (having to lean over) so it gets put away very early! We use a soft terrytowelling bath support when they are small so we can have two hands free, but of course never leave them! Xander is 21 months and Marshall nearly 5 months. They haven't had a bath together yet unless either Daddy or i are in as well because Xander is a little excited! We also use a bath mat to stop them slipping over.

The bathroom wont be saved just because she changes baths, I know that it's the only room in our house that is washed everyday!!!

Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

Thank you both Tina and Dette.

I will try changing her to the big bath gradually, with a bath mat of course! I can even image the picture of pouring water everywhere now.

Just wondering I thought bathing in our big bath would have to leaning over more than the baby bath (just stand doesn't need to bend). That's why I still bath my daughter in the baby bath to save me from leaning over. I have hurt myself from giving birth. Ever since the delivery, I have the ongoing pain from my waist down. So I avoid to bend myself too much.

Lucy, mum to Stephanie-12/11/03

Hi Stephanies mum,
When I bath my 14mo son, I put a towel on the floor next to the bath and sit on it so I don't have to bend over. I find I can keep a hand on him at all times so he doesn't slip (even though I use a bath mat) and it saves my back because I am tall. Does your daughter like having showers? Lochie has a shower with me of a morning which he loves and then he has a bath at night. The only problem with the bath is he would prefer to stand up but I try to stop this by offering plenty of bath toys.
Good luck,

My babies are all grown up sad

Hi Naomi,

Thank you for your tips. I guess there are lots thing for me to experiment with. Shower? I haven't thought of that but I think Stephanie would love it. Another concern I have on the big bath is Steohanie stands up in the bath and walks around and the water level becomes less as she stands up and therefore she gets too cold and sneezes. Maybe I have to buy more bath toys to entertain her (she has plenty already but she got bored with them very quickly).


Lucy, mum to Stephanie-12/11/03

Hi stephaniesmum

We put a wall mounted heater in the bathroom. It only costs about $30 and it is out of reach. When the bathroom is waarm it does not seem to bother my son when he is standing up. He evenhas fun pulling the plug out then just sits in the empty bath playing with his toys.

Hi Tina,

That's something I should be looking into invest as winter is approching I think a heater would be a must. Thanks!!


Lucy, mum to Stephanie-12/11/03

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