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how much time???????? Lock Rss

hi ladies,
just wanting to know for my own sainity, how much time do you spend each day with 1 on 1 time, down on the floor playing with your toddler?
some days i put him down to sleep and i feel like i just havent done enough. is it normal to feel this way?
its not like i ignore my son, i do make an effort to sit down and read to him, play cars, play counting games, play ball outside, but somedays i just feel like i have not given him the attention he deserves.
so i am wondering is there mums out there who spend every waking moment entertaining the toddler, or is this only in the movies where the supermums live? LOL
LOL there was another post like this recently about Mummy Guilt based on the same things u are asking.
My dd is very independant and generally likes to play on her own but I feel bad just letting her do this so I will generally be with her even if I'm just chatting or singing or trying to be included. Makes me feel better even if she couldn't care less that I was there tongue
Some of my mums group friends say that if their bubs want to play alone they just let them and go get other stuff done but I personally feel bad if I do too much other stuff. Like I may put the washing on or fold the clothes or cook dinner but the whole time I will still be singing or talking to her etc. Anyway I think what you are doing sounds great. We all need our own time and if your child felt they were missing out I'm sure they would be tugging on your leg wanting to play or be picked up etc...cos thats what Kyla does.
Anyway I also still feel guilty some days thinking oh I haven't sung heaps or made a huge effort to get involved in her game or whatever but hey..we all do our best!

Kel smile
I too know how you feel. Jeb is a very independent little man and sometimes when I do actually get down and play with him or try to read to him etc.... he just looks at me as if to say "what do you want? I'm playing here!" LOL!!! I also go and put the washing on or do the dish or something, very easily most days without him too worried that I'm not "with" him. It makes me feel bad or like I've created a little man that doesn't need his mummy but then I have friends that have the complete opposite and can't even go to the loo without their little ones screaming the house down for attention!!
It's a hard one to call but as long as Jeb's happy then there isn't much more I can do is there? All you can do is keep try to get in/down there (I am) and play. Something is better than nothing smile
i feel the same way. sometimes im just sitting on the couch watching her play and then she'll bring me her book, put it in my hand and say "TA" meaning "Please read it to me mummy"

when i put her to bed i say "I'll try to make tommorrow more fun for her"

but my mum always says as long as she has my love.........


Lillie....1 year old!!!

I think that as parents we always feel that we dont spend enough time with them and I know that when I sit down with Jaye to play sometimes she will look at me and say what are you doing in my space and as I see it we try to do our best to spend every minute with our beautiful children and its normal to feel gulity even when we have done everything.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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