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going insane!! Lock Rss

hi ladies,
i'll start at the beggining, i was in quite a violent relationship with my childs father which i finally broke free from, but i was left with loads of debt, caused from me being at home with bub, him the only one working everything in my name and him not ever giving me a cent to pay anything just pissing it up down the pub or buying drugs or something along those lines, i am now forced to stay with my parents (due to my finacial situation) whom i have always been very distant from, we may be family but sometimes i think we are from completely different worlds. my mother is constantly underming me when it comes to my 18 month old son, like i do not like my son to be eating junk food and my idea of a snack is a handfull of grapes, but whilst i am not looking she will give him chips or chocolate. another i will displine my son, and she will tell him don't worry, or he will be chucking a tanty for something and whilst i will ignore him, not give in to his demands she will go and comfort him and give him whatever he wants. It is really starting to affect his behaviour because now he thinks he can do, say and have everything he wants.He used to be so plesent, he would do what he was told 85% of the time, i would only have to no "NO" once.
my son used to be a healthy eater was happy with his fruit and vegies but now all he wants is bloody chips chocolate and soft drink, all the things a 18 month old shouldn't have even herd of!!
I know grandparents are supposed to spoil there grandkids but when we are living together she can not treat him like this all the time, because my weel behaved son has turned into a feral little S#^T.
I have tried to talk to her but she just carries on about how "What would u know"
I'm his mother, and he wont listen to a word i say because nanny just gives him the impression that im a idiot.
has anyone got any advice as to how i can handle this horrible situation, i am at my wits end, i want my well behaved good eater of a son back, but how do i do this whilst nanny has the clutches of evil in his back?
Hello darl,
It seems to be a quite tricky situation,
Even though the sensible thing to do would be to sit her down and tell her how you plan to raise your child,(food wise, dicipline) and that it would be great if you and your parentns could all stick to it, you don't want her to take it the wrong way as you are living under her roof

How far off are you from being able to move back out? Or is it not possible?

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Your mother could respect you cause that is your son not hers and she should know that you are trying to give your son a better life than before and help you when you need it instead being a pain in the botton and I am glad to hear that you are moving out of your parents house and it probably would be better for you and your son and plus to get control of him again before its to late.

You are a BRAVE women for leaving a violent relationship and start a new life for you and your son and keep up the great work and you are a being a awsome mum to your son and just remember that you will get there in the end and have a happier life.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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