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long-haired baby! Lock Rss

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Post deleted by administrator.
I take my 17mth old to the hairdressers and it only costs $5. They do a good job and if I give him a biscuit to chew on he sits quietly for about 5 - 10 minutes.
Hi Maria, sorry but I dont have any suggestions for you, I have hairdressing training so I cut my own daughters hair. If I was you I would look around at some hairdressers and try a few that only charge about $5 (as suggested earlier) but remember that it might take a few go's for him to be happy to sit there. Another thing you could try is a Buz cut. I know it sounds horrible but he's a boy and its only hair after all, it will grow back. Also I suggest this as getting rid of the flimsy, blow-away thin straight baby hair will actually encourage new hair to grow and it will thicken up after some time of cutting.
Good luck.

2girls plus one

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