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Nurofen for Children Lock Rss

I was just wondering what other parents opinions are of the Nurofen for Children. My doctor says that I should use Panadol as it is safer, and nurofen is also known to cause bleeding in the stomach etc....but my pharmisist recommended I use nurofen when hes teething or not well as it has an anti- inflamatory in it.... I decided that i will use panadol most of the time, and nurofen only when he is really not well and needs something stronger...
I have used Nurofen for temperatures and teething and found it fantastic. I usually give may son panadol during the day and nurofen at night if its needed because it lasts 8 hours and I find he sleeps better with it. I had to take him to the emergency room once becasuse his temp was 40 and the first thing they did was give him nurofen.
My doctor has also recomended it at various times. Hope this helps.
Hi Tinah

I have just started using nurofen for my little one.

I was reluctent to use it at first, but it dose do the trick. My bub had 4 molars coming down at the same time and nurofen seemed to be the only thing doing the job.

Good luck in your choices!

Kelly, W.A, Kasey 1

Hi. I have used panadol, nurofen and dymadon. Nurofen seems to work better and longer although she hated the orange flavour and you have to give them more. But good news - they now have infant drops in strawberry flavour which she doesn't mind so much.
I use both. Nurses and Doctors have told me that Nurofen has absolutely NOTHING in it to help fevers, even though that's one of the things they say it helps on the ads. But, it does help his teething (4 eye-teeth at once...ouch!!)

You can also safely give your bubs both panadol and nurofen at the same time. I've done this when he's been really unwell and haven't had a problem. I do tend to use nurofen more often, but mainly becuase the dropper is much better than the one in the panadol box!!!

Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

Hi Mel, if you are after something different to try for teething then give Brauer natural medicine a go. I find it great for my little girl and its got a fruit flavour. I personally cant use nurofen at this stage as our daughter has asthma, so I use Panadol. Brauer have other medicine for different things and I also find the Calm great. I also use the arnica cream from brauer for bumps as this helps heaps with bruising.
Anyway, good luck.

2girls plus one

I used nurofen only once when my son was 14 months old. It didn't agree with him at all and I ended up taking him to the hospital. After giving it to him before bed one night, he woke up the next morning very cranky and unhappy. After having his breakfast he ended up vomiting up everything, then a half hour later vomited again. The doctors at the hospital told me not to use it because he has reflux. I didn't know that and there was no warning on the box either.

I have not used it since, I only ever use Panadol.

Hope this helps other mums with babies with reflux.

Mum to toddler

If you use Nurofen (both children and adults), you should only take it after you have eaten or had a drink of milk as it can cause bleeding of the stomach lining and ulcers. Although this is really only likely if it is used often over a long period.

My babies are all grown up sad

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