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18 month immunisations Lock Rss

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I was told by my doctor that this wasn't needed anymore but its a good time to get the phnumacocal (i can't spell it)!!!!
Yup, doctor that I take DD to said that they dont do it any more, two years is the next one. Aparently they were over-vaxing.
hmmm can someone clarify for me because i just got my son the pneumoccocal vaccine (he is 17 months) and they said unless i decide to get the chicken pox vaccine for him, he doesn't need ny more vaccines until he turns 4!!

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well thanks i just checked it out and it would appear that it is not necesary for my son to have the 18mnth DTP!! I don't understand how it works though ... why necessary for some (ie before it was taken out of the immunisation guidelines or whatever) but now its ok not to have!! AARGH!! at the risk of sounding like pauline hanson ... 'please explain'!!

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

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My 16m.o. son has had all his vaccinations to this age plus the chicken pox and my doctor told me he isn't due for any more until he is four. I believe the schedule changed last year.

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Just to clarify for all parent out there. They stopped giving the 18mth needle as they combined this one with the 12mth. So unless you want to get the ones that arent complusory as such then they do not need anymore until they are around 4yrs (when they start school/pre-school).

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Hi Everyone

We've recently included a new section on our website that provides some great information about <a href="">Childhood Immunisation</a>.

We hope you find it useful.

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