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Toys for 19 month old Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

I am looking to buy my 19 month old boy some new toys. Can anyone recommend some great toys to buy him at this stage. I have bought any new toys since Christmas. I would love some ideas.

Thanks all.

Mum to toddler

Hey Sammie

My little one is nearly 14 months and most of her toys are 18+.

She has a blow up castle that you put those coloured balls in that she loves! and a Elmo touch screen that lights up and plays music. It even has a microphone.

Hope those ideas help. Good luck!


Kelly, W.A, Kasey 1

Balls, any sort, especially if they bouce and the kids can chase them! Keeps them occupied for ages.

Cars and a Town Map carpet. You can also buy the towns from Spotlight on lino stuff for about $15 metre. you don't need much and it can also double as a floor covering for eating/ sitting/ painting

Colouring book & crayons. My 22 month old has loves them for nearly a year now, but i only let him use them in his highchair. I'm not having drawing on the walls!!!

Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

Like Dette, my son loves his crayons. They are the first things he asks for when he gets up every morning. To save the walls etc., crayola have washable ones and I have found they will come off any surface with just soap and water (even clothes and carpet).

My babies are all grown up sad

Hi, you can't go wrong with Fisher Prices's Little People range.

We have the farm and garage set my 16mth old loves it and his almost 4 year old plays with it too. I think they like the sounds and it is really cute, with little cars and things. There are heaps in the range so you can continue to add to it as they grow.

Have fun shopping!

Jo, Sydney mama of 2 boys

I have a 23 month old the little people range is so worth it. She also loves building towers with her wooden blocks and then running her little people car into it smile but she is really into puzzels. You can get huge floor puzzels with huge peices, theres even a wiggles one, she will do those over and over again. Loves her crayons too smile her birthday is next month so we have got her a trike with a seatbeat, parent handle bar (removable later) ans sun canopy that she loves everytime we go near toys r us. She is also crazy about her magna doodle, even has a travel one that clicks onto the pram and pen is tied on so bits cant be dropped or lost. Less messy than crayons smile
Something she hates is the leapfrog little touch that is the 6- 36 month one. Wish I had got the fisher price learn through music instead.

Bec, NsW, charlie 5, AJ almost 3

My son (Nate) loves his Peek-a-Blocks, any balls rolleyes.gif, toy stroller (although he chucks out the baby doll) and fire trucks and his brother's matchbox cars/wooden garage/zoo animals. They have been playing together in a big cardboard box lately-he likes to draw on that too.

Digging in the garden, vacuuming/sweeping with mummy, saucepans and wooden spoons are also favourites. He is just starting to get into books as well, but is a bit rough with them so board books for him and the 'special' books when we sit down and read together.

Oh, he found his brother's duplo the other day and likes to put a couple of blocks together, then pull them apart, over and over

Joe is currently loving his inset trays, he now knows where all the pieces go and can name them. He's also loving his kitchen and toy food.
We are often given a plate of toast!

In terms of books, current favorites are Spot, the Grufalo, and Stick man.
He's obsessed with stick man, we read it at least half a dozen times a day!
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