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Girls' clothing sizes for 2.5yr olds Lock Rss

DD (2 in Feb) still wears size 1 bottoms & is size 1/2 in tops. Compared to her friends this seems the norm - is it? And what size are most 2 1/2 yr olds?

DD is slim so I buy most of her clothes at Pumpkin Patch because of the adjustable waists and of course their 'funkiness'! And I have been buying things in size 2 to put away for winter & summer at end of the year. But the size 2 bottoms seem so big so I have bought some 1's. I'm interested in what other's do/think on this...thanks!

At 2.5 my daughter was wearing size 0's, she's finally into size 1's at 3.5 years old. The clothes with adjustable waists are great.

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