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walking on tip toes!!!i Lock Rss

Hi I am just wondering if any one else had this my dd was 8 weeks premmie and started walking at 12 mths she is now 19 mths and has started walking on her tippy toes. My question is what are the affects of this and should I be worried about this?

with many thanks, Nikki

Our little one has also started walking on tippy toes, first one foot, then both togther. It is so cute and I don't think that you should be worried as it most likely is something that they have discovered they can do and just like doing it.


I agree with SJ

Kyla doesn't do it often but when she does its just cos she can and its funny and feels different to her. Kinda like walking on her knees aor crawling every so often..just a change.

Hi Nikki
Brooke was 17 weeks early 450 grams. She's now 3.5 years, she does tippy toe walking, but it's getting less and less and is growing out of it.
It is important to get it looked at, it can affect the way they walk as they grow, the growth and development of their hips and legs, posture etc..It can also be a sign of other problems.

I massage her calf muscles and ankles and do stretches every day with her. Check with her physio about it and tell her you concerned about the tippy toeing. Boots are good for their feet, it helps to keep them flat, ones with a flexible sole though. The physio's can also get ankle braces to keep the foot flat that go on underneath shoes and socks (just look like pieces of plastic but molded)


Mum to Brooke 23.2 weeks, 450 grams now 3.5 yrs

Hi Nikki my daughter is also 19 months old and for the last couple of months she has been walking on her tip toes as well but I think that its a new thing for them to do and they found it funny and if you are really worried about it maybe ask the doctor about it and they could give you a answer for you.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09


Apparently this is more common in boys than girls but it is completely normal I read.

Ryan started doing it about 6mths after he started walking. It lasted a couple of mths. It is completely normal and part of them experimenting in most cases if it is a relatively short term thing but keep an eye on it as it can also be caused by a more physiological reason if the stage doesn't pass.


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

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